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Wow, I don’t even know where to start with this one.
The fact that is sucks LESS means it still sucks. And this video? Helps nothing. The only reason the kid in the video says it sucks less was some shit about adding new Karaoke standards and HTML6 implementation which is bullshit or fucking useless.

How about you make a browser that doesn’t suck at all? Adding extensions and customisable interface are probably a good start. IE has already implemented good features other browsers initially created.

The kid makes the point that IE is simply used to download better browsers. And this video does nothing except really support that movement. If this was made by Microsoft - HUGE FUCKING FAIL. Progress is not something you want to advertise unless it is indeed something major. Or something we weren’t already thinking. The only reason why IE is used is for the computer laymen and you don’t need to convince him/her.

Why would you promote your shitty browser? It’s not like the better browsers cost money, either. The only thing better about IE 10 from what I can see is it is now no longer a laggy piece of shit software. I still wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot clown pole.

Not to mention this is IE10. This is the 10th fucking attempt at this and you’re only advertising progress? I feel like I am being trolled here. This shit is not real - surely. Someone made this video as a way to fuel the flames of discontent. How many versions of this fucking shitty browser are you going to make before it simply catches up to the rest of the crowd? All those memes of how this browser is shit still stands with IE10.

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Carters Retro Reviews - Layer Section | Galactic Attack / Sega Saturn

New review:

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Carters Retro Reviews - Gale Racer / Sega Saturn

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Carters Retro Reviews - Clockwork Knight / Sega Saturn

New review for an above-average platformer.

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Carters Retro Reviews - Sky Target / Sega Saturn

New review. It’s been a long time coming and I don’t care if it is not that good.
At least I had fun playing the game and you should be happy for me.

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Animal Disappointment

I found this too:
Animals Who Are Extremely Disappointed in You
OK so I like cutesy shit. Just be aware that these pictures might end up in a review in the not so distant future.

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Emptying My Sack er…Mail Sack. From my Inbox. Inbox Mail Sack. You know What I mean.

I’ve had an email in my inbox from the dark ages and have been casually ignoring it until I could be fucked doing anything. Now I am rushing to just post this because I am working on a new review! WOO!

50 Worst Video Game Endings
100 Best Video Games of the Decade
50 Best Dreamcast Games
Best Dreamcast Games (Not According to Me)
6 Degrees Kevin Bacon

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