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Is this site even active anymore? Hardly. I had these plans but they all went to shit when I ran out of time to do anything. I am working on reviews inbetween procrastinating. And I don’t even have much time to do them. On top of that, I was experiencing mic issues for my reviews so I am waiting on a new mic.

I have like 10 reviews on the boil. I have played the games, I have written the reviews - I just have to record them all and edit them and present them in an appealing way. I’m also trying to work out the best method of recording my PSP games. I like constancy in my work so I don’t want to write a review that is rushed as I have done something close to it already and all it does is get me angry at myself that I have let myself and everyone else who watches them down.

So to make up for a lack of fucking everything if anyone still reads anything from this site anymore, here is a song by ELO that I have been listening to tonnes:

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Carters Retro Reviews - Battle Monsters / Sega Saturn

New review:

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Carters Retro Reviews - Soukyugurentai | Terra Diver / Sega Saturn

Realised I didn’t post my latest review which I uploaded like a week ago and I will be uploading one tomorrow, hopefully.

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