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Carters Retro Reviews - Space Invaders / Sega Saturn

Latest CRR. Yes, you’re right - they ARE getting better.

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I have been hanging out in the weird section of youtube again. I also envisioned that youtube are like friend groups and sections of town. When you’re in that section of town where it looks run down and all your friends do the weirdest shit which borderlines a perverse, psychotic, right and wrong all at the same time. They create the greatest art the world will never see or write amazing songs and poems that are masterpieces but because of one reason or another no one outside of this group will ever see it.
In this day and age where you can post what you make, you come across some of this stuff. And some of it already has the mainstream appeal.

I like this video.
Be fucked if I can actually understand what the hell is going on.

Shaye has died since these videos but the more I watch them the better they are. I haven’t seen anything quite like it.

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Hi. You have HUGE TITS.

This video is shit and boring. But man, I’d almost pay money to see your tits.

Let’s be honest - it’s the only reason you get 1.7mil views. The more tit we see, the more viewers you will get. Apparently her videos are teaching Japanese and playing with stuffed dolls. But let’s keep it real - if you were a man or an ugly woman, not only would you never get the time of day but people would find you just creepy.
Is this just some perverse way of watching some hot chick do stuff?
I still don’t understand why something like this would get so many viewers. Be fucked if I can see the appeal. If I want to see naked or even hot chicks, there is porn. If I want to learn Japanese, I don’t think youtube videos are going to the be-all place to go and learn.

And she does look very stalkerish. She has this menacing smile about her - “You can run but I will find you!” O_O

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First sharktopus, then Dinoshark, then Sand Sharks now THIS?
I wonder when they’re going to stop making movies ironically.

Come on guys, at least I try with my youtube videos. Plus, it is only me working on them. I suspect there is only one guy working on this movie, too:
[unsupported video]
SyFy channel? Wow, maybe I should make up some third rate bullshit like this, pay some guy on fiverr.com to make it for me and just move it around the screen without any sort of fluid animation to get the best outcome and make a nice little profit.

They thought they were in paradise. “I sat in their nest. I think I am pregnant with their seed.” New series coming to Syfy channel! OCTORAT! It’s the top part of an octopus and the bottom half a rat. Uh…we’re not sure how it works, either but it will be FUCKING TERRIFYING! Oooooooooooooo!


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