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Carters Retro Reviews - Hardcore 4×4 / Sega Saturn

Latest episode. The best one so far. But I think they’re all probably gunna be like that.

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Jon Stewart

It’s simple. Jon Stewart makes news fun without dumbing it down and not completely discounting his audience as idiots and making them funny. No matter which news source, it is almost impossible in this day and age to NOT find bias in news and Jon Stewart is no different. He just presents it in a way that makes us all laugh. He is politically driven and looks for laughs where he can. I am sure if his team of writers can’t think of anything funny to write about, he simply doesn’t cover that story.

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The Prison System

I am all for change as long as it is in the right direction. This is just retarded.
What is the difference between my home life now and this? Not much except the guy in this video has probably killed once or twice. They do less work than what I do at work AND they get a house? Seems like a pretty sweet deal. Perhaps I have been going about this all wrong. Granted I can go out anywhere if I wanted to but all these prisoners would have to do is complain about not having good Internet and I am sure the State will provide it for them and ultimately they lead the same life as me minus one or two things like going out which I don’t much of anyway.
Seems hardly fair.

This place is nicer than some places I have paid to stay at for a fucking holiday.

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WTF | Great Sim Games

My favourite game of all time is the Sims. So I found some games out there in the world that are amazing. By that I mean favourite game I avoid at all costs. And they should be noted or put in the Guinness World Book of Records for being too much fun:

Tokyo Bus Guide 2

Street Cleaning Simulator

Garbage Truck Simulator (HD)

Der Omnibus Simulator

And Woodcutter Simulator:

Amazing. I do a boring office desk job. Maybe they should do a simulator of that. Import all that data into a database! You have 3 days. GO!

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My Conversation with Tim

For this to make some sense, you need to know this: I put the feelers a few days ago to find an After Effects pro for my Carter’s Retro Reviews thing so I can do something new and not something blatantly copied from somewhere. Or at least a little more involved to watch.

This is my conversation with Tim:
So couldn’t find anyone who was an After Effects pro that could help a brudda out after I found a tutorial on how to create this intro that I love the look of. So I went to fiverr.com and found someone who didn’t just edit pre-existing after effects templates. Any fucking monkey can do that shit. Even me. But I can’t create a template from scratch.


So I found some kid from India who said he was a After Effects pro. And asked him whether he just manipulates pre-existing templates or would create new ones and in a very confusing way, he said both.


I originally offered to pay him with a McDonalds happy meal sent to him in the post. HEY! Don’t judge. That shit will be in the same condition when he gets it as it was when it left my hand. So I paid him a fiver (which in terms of this site is 1 gig (like the term given to a band who show up and play a show not to the amount of computing space even though I would have put down gb not gig but just to separate the two)) and linked him to the youtube video of some guy who shows us how to do it and said, “I want this. Now go. And I don’t want it in that fucking mov format. An AE template is fine and so is mp4 and flv if you absolutely have to.”
And then he was like, “Do you have the template files?”
And I said, “I already know how to manipulate AE templates you pillock. I want you to MAKE the template.”


And he was all like, “Oh. OK. Can do. That will be 3gigs.”
And I was like, “What kind of shit is this? This not the way we do things outside of India. Don’t be all say you will do something and then charge me extra. I asked you if you could and you said you could so I am giving you a fiver to do what you said you could. Now go.”
And he was like, “I will. For 3 gigs.”

oh snap

And I was like, “I will find your family and kill them all if you don’t do it for a single gig.”
And he was like, “And how you do suppose you plan on doing that?”
And I was like, “There is a guy on fiver who will kill someone at my request for a single gig. If you have 4 family members, that makes this almost cheaper to kill you than you to do it.”


And he didn’t reply.
So I paid him the 2 other gigs.
And I think there’s a 2 day turn around.
I told the audience that I originally asked, “SEE? THIS is why your economy is failing.”


To be fair, this conversation didn’t happen exactly this way. I just spiced up the conversation to make it more entertaining to read.

i suspect that
but if thats how it happened
I believe it

It went like this, “How much to make a new AE template?”
He said, “3 gigs.”
I said, “Here is what I want.” And paid him for it.
I like my story better.

had more spice to it
go with the other version when you retell
makes you sound more badass

I am not going to retell.
Simply copy and paste from this conversation window to my website.

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VBlog // Fuck You and Your Massive Ego

This guy is a prime example of what not to do in a vblog. I fucking hate the word blog to begin with but this rambles on like 3 points for 6.5 minutes.
Here is what you need to know:
1. Separate your tablet and PC experiences and not try to make them exactly the same.
2. Bring back some lame RSS app no one uses apart from this guy (use Google reader)
3. Cut down the amount of versions Windows has. This really goes without saying.
4. He hasn’t used it enough to really warrant further opinion. He states this like twice. Maybe even 3 times - I don’t really pay that much attention. Make shutting down easier. He doesn’t even think of this one himself. Being able to customize Start menu background.
5. How big is your fucking ego that this is a cut down version of an entire live recording? How about you do some notes and prepare a lot better instead of inane fucking rambling. Amount of time it’s taken you to read this: 1 minute. Length of video: 6.5 minutes.

There. I saved you some time. Thank me later.
And fuck this guy.

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