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America is Drunk. The US is out of control. Hell, I’d be drunk most of the time if I was American.

Part of me wants to say the whole world is going to hell in a hand basket and then another part tells me that life is worth living. Apart from the trolling it aims for, whatever is here has an obvious bias.
Are Americans drunk? Or do they KNOW HOW TO PARTY??! YEAH!!!
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World Of Sadcraft

Addiction is fucked. But what gets me pissed off is people calling drug addition a disease. Alcoholic Hepatitis or Scarlet Fever are a disease. Not making the conscience decision to take drugs. I understand that there are personal underlying issues that make the decision for people but a disease? What a fucking cop out.
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Ultimate Balls. They’re like Florida Oranges.

Man, this can’t be real: Ultimate Tazer Ball. It looks like a joke. It really does. If you want to know what stupid is, this looks like the epitome of it. I mean on the same hand, these guys have balls - MASSIVE balls. There is only two places in the world where you can actually play this sport: California and Thailand. There is a team in Thailand called “The Ladyboys” and it is dudes dressed up who play this fucking mental game. It only doubles the humiliation I guess it would be worse if you played it and lost to them. OK, I lied about that bit but Thailand is definitely a place where it is legal to play this fucking insane game. I mean, if there was a slip, you could easily kill someone, give them nipple cripples or 4 hour-long erections if you’re not careful. Or the action replay on player 4 who has just been zapped 1 too many times and has shit has pants. Instead of a sprain or bone break, the player walks off the limping because he has shit sliding down his right leg and doesn’t want to spread it all over the field any more than he already has.

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I like words n shit.

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Where I sit at work is in an old meeting room. It was once a place where managers used to sit and gather hard working people who do the ACTUAL work to talk about where their current project is up to, where it is going when the team know where it’s exactly at. And why when I’ve employed 5 people to do the job of 10, isn’t getting done as quick. There is a solid door to this meeting room. There is also a glass frame next to the door.

We have people who peer their head in, say not a word and then walk away like we’re fucking caged animals for their amusement. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT? For fucking real. We’ve been sitting here for months now and if you still don’t know who sits here, then maybe you weren’t meant to know. And it is not even very interesting to look at. It is 3 guys sitting in a room facing monitors and typing away furiously almost to the point of aggressively. Ya know, when we’re not on youtube or facebook. Were you after one of the other guys who is not here right? I dunno. You don’t say anything. It’s really weird. And it’s not even one guy who does it all the time. And it’s not like it rarely happens. It happens all the time by different people all the time.

I used to think I was weird or at least a little bit of odd. But I am fucking normal as shit compared to this fucking bizzare behaviour.

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