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Voting Fraud

Shoulda became a Government official. They seem to have immunity.

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Carters Retro Reviews - Manx TT / Sega Saturn

This video is amazing.
And by amazing, I mean I made it and uploaded it.
I don’t really want feedback. Especially if it is anything contradictory to words in the vein of, “amazing”, “great”, “highly entertaining”, “almost got bored” and “Not entirely shit”.

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Google like to Cause Shit

This is an interesting idea. The conglomerate known as Google are taking everything that there ever was and putting defamation links intentionally in their results. I think it could be coincidence in the two examples you gave us but people have a right to their very stupid opinions and of course, when you buy…well, ANYTHING; it doesn’t even have to be a service - it could be a product as well. People are going to focus on the negative rather than the positive. It is human behaviour 101. When someone has good customer service, they might tell 2-3 people. But if they have poor customer service, they will tell 10 people in spite of the company that did them wrong.

Especially something that requires a bee’s dick of technical knowledge is the most frustrating as most of the time, half of the problem might not be with the hardware. The software might be difficult to install or require an extra step or even just have 2 minutes of fucking troubleshooting the issue to have it solved and having it worked as promised. But instead, they spend 30 minutes venting because they did something wrong or forgot a step and didn’t read the manual or even just googled the error they got and then explicitly tells them how to fix the common problem. So you always have to take opinions with a grain of salt sometimes but if you read enough into the complaints, you will be able to paint a pretty vivid picture.

You can’t always keep everyone happy but if it is a site that this video seems to target above everything else that is defamatory towards companies, maybe this site needs to either be shut down or show us some serious proof. Going anonymous doesn’t amount to shit.

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Faye (NSFW)

Not sure how to start this entry. Uh…
Dear Diary,
I don’t know who you are. But you know who I am since I do all the talking and like Teller, you just sit there and do card tricks while I’m trying to get my message across.
Someone linked me to a blog that is so unusual, I felt the need to put it here. It’s about a woman with a fictional name in a very strange living arrangement named Faye Kane. That and this link here are both NSFW but are really weird.

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I know it has been awhile since I’ve been serious about adding entries back into my website. I did a few last week but I am also doing Carter’s Retro Reviews as well. When I get my arse into gear and post them (hopefully tomorrow), I’ll be adding them here too.

I found a site called Project Re:Brief where they are taking old ads and giving them a new lease on life. It seems interesting enough.

I was reading on blog under the guise of a news website, that someone believes online commenting sections area joke. Which is fine except and it is true but the guy that says it is the founder of the website, Gawker. Think of your demographic. If it were a website which talks about thingNot to mention that people generally have very little to add unless it is something universal. I like to read a lot of different things that I don’t know much about so I won’t have much in addition to say. The only time there is an exception is when I come across stuff like this. It could be an entry written by some troll, but it does pose a good point. If you’ve ever been to youtube, I have yet to see a comment which adds something new and exciting. It either reinforces the point, quotes the funniest line out of the video, says something stupid that the other 1000 commenter’s have all said or it is some attention whore who says something like, “Thumbs up if you…”. Plus, there is one small thing you have neglected to think about: the internet is full of arseholes. I have a small group of people who view my site. I’ve always wanted more but I released a video on youtube not so long ago and the very first comment was someone saying I was fat. Nothing about the content or even constructive. Just that I was fat. While I know I’m 2/3rds fat cunt, telling me I’m fat is like saying, “Hey, you’re a man”. Of course I am. Instead of saying I have a confused transsexual with lesbian-looking glasses look. That might have given me something a little unexpected.
It’s there to give a sense of a voice and a feeling of community. Even if all it does is show how retarded your audience is. My audience aren’t like that at all. They never leave comments.

Take a hint.15.png

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Worst Games

The problem with opening a video which says DON’T BUY THESE VIDEO GAMES, the very first thing I want to now do is try and track the original discs down and buy them on ebay for a couple of bucks.
I know they’re bad games. Some research and enough youtube videos will tell me this.
It’s the wet paint sign all over again.

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They’ve discovered male birth control which is 100% effective. AND reversible. That is pretty awesome. It means you bang more chicks.
And remember kids, if she’s hot you don’t need to wear a condom.

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