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I fucking hate Annotations in youtube.
If you do too, here is how you can turn them off:

Log in to YouTube and select Account -> Playback Setup -> Annotations. Uncheck the “Show annotations” box and hit the save button, and now, videos like this one should not show an overlay anymore.

I also got rid of captions. Those things shit me too. You can turn them off in the same area.

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Two Lamington’s have their own skit show. It’s surprisingly funny.

Here are my two favourite skits so far:

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Clutching At Straws: Part 1

Welcome to the new series: Clutching at Straws. I have a buttload of youtube videos and the amount of retardation is just excessive. It’s where people get together and either lie, cheat or, even sadly, believe this shit is real.
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Big Rigs And the Imaginarium Of Oingo Boigo the Clown Dog

I was reading this review today and so I thought I would download the game from somewhere. I don’t want to ACTUALLY pay to laugh at something when I can go to the special olympics and laugh uncontrollably for free.
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NSFW: North South Forward West // Fuckedness.

I know you’re going to think less of me but to be fair, you are either going to ignore this entry or not pay attention to it.
I found Kama Sutra Cookie Cutters.

That is not the fucked part. That was simply a walk in the park compared both boyfriend of the year and Spider Sex. If you have a strong stomach and are curious at what both those things really mean and you feel like the Internet has dulled your sense of right and wrong and what fucked shit people get themselves into, then those links are for you. It’s so bad, I can’t even screenshot that shit to put it into here.

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This needs no introduction.

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Editing Your Test Tube Baby

Youtube has a section which is called Test Tube that has some of the more experimental aspects of the website.
Out of the features you can dick around with, the video editor is actually a really good feature and to be honest, it was only a matter of time before they would add such a feature to a video site. I can’t believe video websites prior to youtube didn’t think of this before now. I guess it is just easier to host to video and have people use their own software than to try and do it online. But now that there is a lot of focus on cloud computing that doing all your tasks on the net just makes sense.

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Jamie Oliver’s Failed Experiement

For a reason I can’t quite put my finger on, I really do not like Jamie Oliver. He originally set out as a cooking show showing you what tastes good and is not bad for you. Now he preaches what we should be doing with our lives. I don’t genuinely believe that people are so stupid that they don’t know what healthy food is. Just when you compare it in taste and convenience to take away like KFC and MickyD’s, healthy food sucks.

Anyway, here is a failed experiment:

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