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Update: Pacman: I Fucking Love You

I spoke about Pacman in an earlier post in 2010 and now I found they kept the Pacman game forever.
Yeah, I know I am a little late coming to the party.
Get your news here first!

Google Pacman Right Here.

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Somebodys Image

Back in the 60s, there was this artist who was huge in Australia. His name was Russell Morris.
He did one of the most iconic psychedelic rock songs of all time, “The Real Thing”:

He also had the hit, “Hush”:

Before this song, he was in a band called Somebodys Image. I know very little about this band except some cracker on the net posted a mix which contains three of their songs. A lot of websites post the same rapidshare link when I tried to find the song in a panic his morning. Long story short I found it on an mp3 CD I have in the car from last year so I decided to re-upload it for your convenience:
Somebody’s Image - Hush / Hide and Seek / Heatwave (Tom Medley Mix). These three songs are absolutely nothing short of excellent and are in constant rotation on my mp3 player. The actual medley is done really well too and sound like one long song broken into three parts but each segue is flawlessly flows into the next song.

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Portal 2

Portal 2 Cocktails Ingredients.

Fuck this looks good. I want one now.
At work. Make it 2.

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“Uranus? For Fucking Real? Out of all the Names We Could Have Named, THAT is What You Decided on? Ya know, Awesomeland IS Still Available.”

There are videos I love to see that otherwise, I wouldn’t have EVER been able to see thanks to Youtube.
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People Are Fucked: Holler for a Dollar

I have been sitting here trying to think of ways to explain this video.
When I say people are fucked in previous videos, it was all a little weird and no one was getting hurt except for self esteem and dignity. I’ve seen the show before so I am quite aware of it but where to start?

Special Juice is not just gunna help you win, it’s gunna give you diabetes too. This child will also end up on that dreadful show, “16 and Pregnant” as well. Just give it time. The kid is a spoilt brat. The Mum is a fugmo and is perhaps the worst Mum ever.

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9 Eyes

9-Eyes is this Website I just found about Google Earth screen captured. Someone has clearly put some hours into looking around the world to come up with some really amazing pictures.


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G+? I See What They’re Going For But If I Got Those Sort of Grades in High School, I’d be sucking Dick for a Living.

I’m on G+ and am subscribed to Barry Elgan. I have no idea who he is and one day he was in main page so I added him because he looks like the sort of person who talks openly about hard hitting topics.
Anyway, recently he posted this:
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People Are Fucked Part 2

I really hate pickles.

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