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Well Done, Microsoft!

Don’t touch your new Xbox Slim while it is on.
No word of a lie, you will shred your $70-$100 disc you just shelled out for.
Will Microsoft refund all discs that are shredded by their own console or do they think the flimsy sticker on the front is going to be enough to keep them from having to pay anything?
I wouldn’t complain but since this is a product you actually pay for, I would have thought this was one of the first things they worked out. That and how to get power to the internals.

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iPad Must-Have Accessory!

We all know what Fleshlight’s are, right?
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The Internet Is Fucked

Google is apparently going to mess up the Internet.
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Fuck, where would I be without eBay? For starters, without my 15 year old console which has entered my life like a second wife in my marriage. The wife was not impressed when I suggested a three way.
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Nature and Drinking Your Own Pee

It’s an old video. It’s how we all feel about the show in an old school game format.

I also found a related story about a guy who wanted to live like Bear Grylls but died in a month. In more detail, he

…headed to Glasgow from Derby and then went on to Corrour, UK’s highest mainline station. The first heavy snow fall of the season occurred during this time.

All it takes is for you to forget to carry the 1.
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I’ve never felt as sexist as I do now.
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Best Show in the Universe

Maddox, you’re as famous as every blogger wants to be.
Even if I had half of the audience you had, I might have more than the 1 sympathy comment every 50 posts to let me know someone is reading it. The only way I could get more viewers is either pay for the google ads, do a youtube video that get somehow lands me millions of viewers or abuse everyone.
This video is old but worth watching, anyway.

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Sahara Desert Gets Snow

It is not some deep metaphore. The Sahara Desert REALLY received Snow:

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