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OK, I have a few more links I just want to get out of the way as it is taking up precious inbox space.
I found a Meme Generator.
There is also another hack for the Xbox which means now you can hack your Xbox and there is no way that Microsoft can stop it.
Open Media Vault - New Free NAS Software

How to Build a Bittorrent Box
A Thin Client called AnywhereTS
A Thin Client called Thin Station
How to Setup a Transparen Proxy with Squid
How to Put that Old Computer to Good Use
10 of the Biggest Lies in History
5 Weird Inventions that made Millions
10 Cool Things you Didn’t know about Stephen Hawking

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Baby Names.

10 Banned Baby Names
It’s a sad day in humanity where someone gets a little creative or just makes such a fucking stupid decision with naming their own child that someone else has to step and say, “No, you can’t give your baby that name”.

Some of these aren’t TOO bad like calling your kid Miatt. I mean, I wouldn’t call my kid that but then again, I’m not retarded. More to the point, I prefer traditional names like Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116. Even if I had 12 other children, there is no way I would call my child Bridge, Apple, Sun, Coloured Rain, Boners, Anus, Penisface and Ovnis which sounds like a hybrid been Ovaries and Penis. What happened if this child was born with both? Then you’d look stupid and give away the secret of your child.
Calling your kid Devil is just begging for trouble. And why in the world would you call your kid Smelly Head? How old are you? The parents who decided on that name should be shot in cold blood and then had that child put down too in case stupidity are contagious or hereditary. Sorry, planet is already full of them. We don’t need more.
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I’m just gunna lay them down and you can sort through it all (keeping in mind some of these links date back in my inbox to 2006):
Custom Firmware for your Router - DD-WRT
How to Turn Server 2003 into a Workstation
News Story on Turning your Server 2003 into a Workstation
How to Turn Server 2008 into a Workstation
Top 10 Wi-Fi Tips
How to Make a Homemade DVR
How to add a Web Interface to your Homemade DVR
Mediaportal - Awesome Multi Mediacenter / Home Theater PC (HTPC) software
Copying Music You Own is Stealing And You Are a Criminal
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Google Opt Out Feature

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How to Speak New Zillund

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Fundamentals of Networking

Don’t expect a laugh. It’s not funny.

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Formula For Having Sex

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Pluto Is No Longer a Planet.

OK, it’s a long and boring story but the short of it is I had a gun to my head and I had to make a quick decision on which one was lube, which one was mayo and which one was horse cum.

I recently bought a Sega Saturn. Some would put this purchase down to a chemical imbalance in my brain, some would suggest perhaps it has a particular nostalgic property and some would say it is just a poor choice.
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