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Greatest Rock Songs Of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s

I downloaded this blindly as I thought even if someone’s idea of the Greatest Rock Songs of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, every now and again you find an old pop song that is something new (to me).
I thought of all the radio staples and had a pretty good idea of what I was to encounter if this compilation was to give me what I (or anyone who had any expectations) was expecting. First track off the top of my head had to have something to do with Led Zepplin, right? No.
OK then, how about, “Sunshine of Your love” by Cream? No.
What about, “Alive” by Pearl Jam? Nope.
Anything at all by the Rolling Stones? Neil Young? Bob Dylan? Oh yes, there is a Bob Dylan track. It’s not his best work but OK - I’ll pay that.

There are plenty of reputable artists like Springsteen, Rod Stewart Phil Collins, Bowie, Clapton, Meatloaf, etc. But after the first 4 tracks on the first CD I started to notice a pattern. And it came on heavy and thick too. Something you would only notice if you never really ever paid attention and put it on while there is a fucking funeral going on. That’s right - this is not the Greatest Rock Songs Of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s it’s the most fucking Depressing Rock Songs Of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.
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Parodies (NSFW?)

I downloaded some porn parodies as I thought I could do with a laugh while jerking it. As far as content per dollar, it is the worst type of porno simply because they try to build a story around all the splash in the gash.
It’s like saying you read Hustler and Playboy for the articles. Or it’s like watching a Uwe Boll film to take note of expertise and technique used to make a classic film. Or how you watch a Christina Aguilera video clip for the music. We all know you turn off the sound.
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Furries and Plushies

Have you seen this shit?
It is people getting off by being animal costumes. It is the weirdest thing. They call them Furries. And they practice “Yiffing”.
Which is different to this:
Which is just plain ol’ bestiality. I am so glad I said to my ISP, “Give me unlimited. God knows what is in store for me on the Internet. Where people share out-of-the-box ideas and a wealth of knowledge is available for me at my fingertips. I’ll start my own website and post what I find.”

I thought this was fucked in the head to be into this sort of shit but hey, whatever floats your boat. There’s lots of things sexually that do not excite me. Like like having sex with a horse. I never understood Gay sex either, but if two guys are happy doing it, I don’t care what they get up to.

I am sorry for the tone of this particular entry and it is a bit fucked, but I did a lot of reading today inbetween sleeping and eating. I was reading the fucked things people get up to like a man had a daughter and then proceeded to hold her captive and force her to bare 7 more of your own children. Or how this is not the only time something like this has ever happened only by the time, the man was caught, his daughter was in her 40s. Or this guy who did the same thing and fathered 10 children. Or this Italian guy who is being investigated for the exact same thing. Or how a man was using Chloroform to rape his wife. What the fuck is this world coming to?

The guy who fucked a horse (Kenneth Pinyan) and died from it, ended up having a movie about it called, “Zoo: The Movie”. I wish I was making this up.
Anyway, you can watch the entire movie in 7 parts on youtube. Here is the first part for you sample this tasty, confusing morsel:

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I Think I Have Found the Greatest Youtube Video, Ever.

And this one is also pretty awesome (NSFW):

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Metallica / Lou Reed

Have you heard the new Metallica song?
If they didn’t succeed in alienating their fans with, “St Anger”, I think they’ve really done it here. I like Metallica and I like Lou Reed but never did I ever think that the two would go together. Why doesn’t any of the bands I love a lot more than Metallica do something interesting so I can talk about them doing an album that will ultimately be miles ahead of this collaboration. It’s like Paul Simon doing an album with Nofx. Will that ever happen? No. Who thought it would be a good idea? No one.

I am trying to think of perhaps a worse collaboration than this embarrassment. Thelonious Monk and the Smiths, the Roots and Tears for Fears, Sinead O’Connor and Slayer, Keith Jarrett and Venom or the Pet Shop Boys and Fred Neil…the list could go on with better suitors than Lou Reed and Metallica. The follow video is one of the few I have seen on the Internet where it has more dislikes than likes by a huge fucking landslide.

This is more of an embarrassment than, “St Anger” and fuck, that is a hard task to master. When allmusic gave the album 3 stars, I thought to myself, “Someone at allmusic is either getting soft or a big fat cheque from Metallica to give this shitty album a higher score than it deserves”. And if this song is anything to go by, maybe when I thought it couldn’t get worse, 3 stars tells me that yes, it does get worse. FAR worse. I still think 3 stars is a little high - about 2 stars too high. I just hope for Metallica that this is all just a big joke and this one track will be Metallica getting the last laugh.

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My finger is firmly on the pulse of the Internet.
So, it came as a shock when I found out 10 minutes ago EDhad gone down forever. Well, after I heard that story I just accepted it as gospel. Which is what you do since the Internet is such a reliable source of information. There was interviews with an ED moderator on more than one occasion so I assumed that was it. I thought it was a sad day on the Internet to see such a great site I once visited like a year and a half ago when I wanted to write an entry about it and how many fucked up (and yet, still funny) things I could find on the site.

B, Dox, Ben Vodden, Chris Benoit,Matt Shepard, Lazytown, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG, Pwn, Chav, 12chan, Penis, An Hero, No one likes you, Mitchell Henderson and Sic.

Then I found that it simply relocated to a new domain. Ironically, it was further down the results page of my Google search so I spent all this time reading about how ED is no more to find out well, yeah it’s still around. YAY! If you go to the original page, it redirects you to some weak sauce shit called Oh Internet which is as funny as a Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert weekend-long marathon which ultimately leads to exactly one chuckle in a 48 hour-long sitting.

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Google (Infographic)

For the proper, blown up version of this, click here.

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Latest Set of Links

I know have been fucking extreme on this site but I am currently on holidays.
This is my new theme and I love it. It is here to stay. I have a few changes like here –> with the bullet points moving over a little and fixing the tabbing of the sub-bullet points. I also have to fix the comments section but it is not like any of you are in a rush to leave any sort of feedback. It’ll be fixed when I can get some help.

I dunno if this happens to you but I sometimes check out one thing, I click on the wrong popup and…BLAMMO! I have subscribed myself to the ball-draining cum dumpsters website or something fucking nasty or a virus.
Anyway, sometimes you click on something that looks interesting (not porn, Jesus…c’mon guys, FOCUS) and 4 hours goes by and you’re on something completely different.

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I am sorry if this has been pasted before since this was in my drafts from last year and thought now is probably a good time to post it.

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