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I just realised that on the 28th (Friday just gone), it has been my websites 3rd year anniversary!
I have almost 57 pages of entries totaling 452 entries in total (not including this one)!

Thank you heaps to Josh (he knows who he is) for not only fixing up a few things with this theme but also hosting my site for me and even reading an entry every now and again.
And thank you everyone for reading.

I had a big flowery speech prepared but I think everyone would prefer pictures of boobs instead:

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I Swear This Is Really a Thing

Yes, that is right - you can actually buy Bear Semen. It’s an energy drink. I am not making this shit up. Although someone else did and thought it would be a good idea.
A REAL man’s drink - Indeed it is.

There is this site called This Is Why I’m Broke. Before now, I was a tighfisted fucker who refused to spend money on anything except the bare basics (rent, food, booze). BUT, the actual reason was because I couldn’t find enough but AWESOME SHIT TO BUY. Now, I have found that reason. My favourites are: Coffee Table Aquarium, Mini Jelly Fish Tank, The Water Jet Pack, Inflatable 14′ Climbable Iceberg and Interactive Pool Table:


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There is a story (which turns out to be true) which goes along the lines of a woman who has a baby but at the same time she gives birth she confesses that the baby is not his husbands and that she has been cheating on him with his best friend. So, he goes to his house, kills him in cold blood, cuts off his head and brings it back to this hospital and gives it to her. The man is sentenced to a life imprisonment.
Needless to say he doesn’t take bad news very well.

But then I thought, imagine if you were the dude who got his head cut off. When it happened, do you just die immediately? Turns out that it’s not the case. Dr. Beaurieux was a guy who studied this morbid topic and found that people took up to 30 seconds to die once it happened. What a fucked way to go. He said people would look directly at him into his eyes once it had happened as signs of activity before turning the TV off for the last time. I don’t even have a picture I can put here that reflects this amount of fuckedness. I typed that into Google images and I can honestly say that the Internet is a fucking scary place and people should be ashamed of themselves.

But while we’re on terrible stories, there is a story that goes along the lines of a 10 year old little girl decided one day to hide in a pile of leaves on the street as her Dad came home to surprise him only he parked the car there killing his daughter. I don’t know how that becomes an urban legend but rather just a fucked real life story.

In 1933, there were two Hungarians: Rezso Seress and Laszlo Javor who wrote a song (in Hungarian) called, “Gloomy Sunday”. The sort of effect it had was like that of the book, “The Catcher in the Rye where it was merely coincidental that every psychopath quoted it like some kind of bible. Only, this time around, people were using this particular song as a swan song to end their lives. According to snopes, the highest suicide rate in the world is in Hungary (45 people/year) so all these people killing themselves were probably the media taking shit way out of proportion. Then having all these people say the song was reason why they killed themselves was more than likely a large number but not all of them. And then the irony is the guy who wrote it (Rezso Seress) ended his life in 1968 saying he was depressed because he couldn’t write another hit like this song.

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Just Creepy.

OK so, I am on a boatload of just eerie/fucked up shit. Awhile ago, I wrote about ghost towns (among other things) and it was just there surely has to be more than those on the face of the planet. I was right. After spending a bit of time doing research, we see all the time on the TV all these beautiful places on the planet that make for good tourism spots, but what about the polar opposite? No one talks about those.

So, the first place is called Isla de Muñecas. It’s an island off Mexico that had a guy who lived there and he thought it would be a great idea back in the 50s to collect dolls and spread them around the island…

No one lives there as far as I know. And anyone who does probably has constant nightmares or spends 5 minutes on the island goes, “Fuck this shit. I’m outta here…”

And if that is not enough for ya, there is this place is in Britain called Hellingly Hospital. If you want some photos to see what I am talking about, you will find them here. It’s a not a traditional hospital but an insane asylum which opened in 1903 and closed in 1994. The place has started to be cleared last year for new housing estates. Who the fuck wants to live in an area that still contains the shell of a place this fucking creepy? I wouldn’t be sleeping at night if I lived there.

There are a whole bunch of islands off Japan but this one takes the cake called Hashima Island. It was originally a coal mining facility but has since been abandoned. Just look at those photos! And there is even a short video on the island which is just as creepy in parts. At one stage in the world, it was the most densely populated place on the planet.

Last place that was deserted but is no longer is a place called Sanzhi Resort. It’s not so creepy because they finished tearing it down last year but no one knew about the deaths and locals wouldn’t go near the place and the project was losing too much money. It sounds like a huge continuous cock up. Wiki said…

…is said to have been caused by the unfortuitous act of bisecting the Chinese dragon sculpture located near the resort gates for widening the road to the buildings.

But left in its wake were these creepy looking buildings.

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When I said in a previous post that fucking a horse is pretty fucked up, maybe I should really start creating a fucked meter. I swear to you that this is by no way intentional and I realise that the last handful of entries have been typically of morbid topics but this is what the Intergooglenets has shown me.
I was doing a Wiki crawl (which weirdly started out reading about Apple (ya know, creator of iPods..etc not the fruit) but I ended up here. That’s right - back in the 1800s photos were expensive as shit. It was the sort of thing you would only buy once in a lifetime so, the only time they thought it was a valid thing to do is when they were dead.
Say Cheese.

Some said they paint his eyes open, some people have said they just opened his eyes back up. So, who thought this was an acceptable thing to do? Once photography became cheaper and people realized that what they were doing was actually creepy as shit, they stopped it. But man, what a great idea for a movie: take a creepy guy like Robin Williams (out of One Hour Photo) or John Jarratt (from Wolf Creek) and have the movie set back in the 1800s and be the first guy trying to promote this creepy-as-fuck way of photography. You can have it eerie but not graphic in blood. And have this guy go around and kill innocent people in very inventive ways and try and ramp up his business. Business is booming with people trying to get photos of their now dead ones until someone catches him. Typical story but man, it could so creepy without being gory (like the original Wicker Man).

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Big Bad Wolf

I say this with a sigh of disappointment but people are offended by this?

Really? It’s not that shocking. It’s not that disturbing. There is one bit at the end which is a bit, “Ah yeah, that is a bit fucked but not too much.” The only thing that is truly disturbing about this whole thing is how the music is so terribly shitty. Oh well, at least that will have that one hit they will be known for.

This is either a really piss poor reflection on how I have seen so much fucked shit on the Internet that this doesn’t even rate and I have become desensitized or people have that little on that they feel the need to make a big deal about nothing. It could be that people just need a glass of concrete.

One of the engineers I share an office with took that saying literal when they took a cup and when they were doing a pour, they took a small bit of it and put it in the cup. I thought they didn’t go far enough. Instead of wasting precious concrete to make a statement, a story would go far better if he shat in the cup. And then he could go on to explain that he was going to pour concrete but shit made a bolder statement saying if you need to harden the fuck up, don’t make me bring out the cup of shit again. That is enough ambition anyone will ever need to stop their whinging.

THIS is more disturbing:

When I saw it the first time, fucking blew my mind. Not that I really care that much for the Prodigy.

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Suggestion Engines and Poop: What You Need To Know

This is Youtube doing an outstanding job of trying to predict what it is I really want to see under recommended videos. Youtube, you will never get me. You either recommend something I have already seen or some shit. I hate you for forcing me to have to do an entry about it. But, I can’t blame you, youtube. You’re only some engine someone who really tends to mainstream ideas, thoughts and videos everyone has seen has programmed under misguided notion that people are all the same. I’ve had my account with you for long enough for you to know that I really want to get rid of the recommended videos portion of my home page. Just show me the videos of people I am subscribed to. If I need anything else, I will have someone I know link me to it.
You even blatantly recommended me to a fucking video of, “Never Gunna Give You Up” by Rick Astley ultimately making you try to Rickroll me which was something that was funny for about 30 seconds when it happens (what feels like) 10 years ago. If you were a friend, at the very least I would have stopped being a friend. At the very most I would have shot you in the face, killing you in cold blood.

But, I digress.

This is a video about celebs without makeup like this is shocking. The sound is a mockery of a pop song. But the mockery is ironic in itself. It’s not funny (which it tries to be) and the music is shit. You don’t think they spend many hours in makeup while doing a movie for a reason? It’s almost like people forget celebs require a ridiculous amount of up keep to make themselves look constantly attractive. These people in the video all probably looked like they do with makeup on naturally when they were younger but looks never last forever.

Cameron Diaz was only ever hot in the Mask. And ever since then it has been failed attempts to recreate the hotness she had in that movie.
Julia Roberts was never hot. Nor Charlize Theron. Nor Drew Barrymore. Nor Penelope Cruz. Nor Calista Flockhart.
Not a fan of fake tits, so even though Pam even looked alright without makeup, her chest does nothing for me since I know they’re not funbags - they’re lies.
Never gave a shit about Madonna or Britney.
Goldie Hawn only looks terrible without make up because she’s 1000 years old.
Kate Hudson got her Mum’s shitty genetics and has a middle name of Garry which is why she needs makeup too.
Christina Applegate was hot back when she was Kelly and gullible.
The Olsen twins would only be hot if they put on a boatload of weight, grew some tits and only had sex with men in a 3 way.

And if you can handle more celeb shit, I came prepared:

I’m not going to lie - it’s fucking disturbing that people would get this done to themselves.
Carrot Top doesn’t even look that bad. He just needs his eyebrows put back where they should be and maybe not have his eyes so large that it looks like he is constantly on meth.
I don’t even know most of these freaks. Probably for the best.

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I am never leaving comments anywhere ever again.
I won’t go into the details but I left a few comments in various youtube video clips and a few other sites and have noticed a trend. Regardless on what I say, I am criticized at every turn. Now, I know I sometimes am a bit outlandish with some statements I say but they are (mostly) said in jest. What a fucked up world we live in where you can’t make an obscure reference (and even sometimes blatant fucking obvious reference) without someone trying to correct you or taking every word you say as something you believe is a fact. But this also got me thinking that I really have a feeling that a large percentage of Family Guy’s audience wouldn’t understand even half of of the obscure references they make in that show. Granted, they have really dialed it back in that department for the last 3 or so seasons. So, are they just laughing because of the bright colours and fart jokes?

The irony is my comments section doesn’t work on my site at the moment. So you can’t even join in or tell me how much of a tool I am; I’m working on it. But, fuck people. It’s just a shame I am not someone famous so I would have more visitors on my site. I could always pay for advertising but I am not that heavily invested.

Even if I was someone famous, you just know there would be someone out there who would hate on me no matter how likable I came across which is just really fucking piss poor reflection on society.

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