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Rove has a new show. Firstly, whomever created that banner should be fired and then forced to make a new one so it doesn’t look like the show is called, “Rovela”. If people start watching the show expecting some chick called Rovela to host the show and we see Rove, some people are gunna be confused. It will be the most poorly rating show on American TV because no one will know who Rovela is. Even losing out to the shopping channel who are flogging dodgy watches and plastic jewellery. Outside of Australia, no one knows who this guy is.
Secondly, he will have these stars on his show who will be all like, “Who the fuck are you? And why should I care? You’re not Arsenio Hall or Conan. You better be fucking funny.”
For those that don’t know, Arsenio is this guy:

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Review: Where’s Waldo? (Wii)

The wife played Where’s Waldo the other day on Wii.
I sat there watching her play it for a total of 3 or 4 minutes and that was more than enough information I needed to make an informative review on this. Sonja had been playing for an hour into it (keeping in mind it only took her 1.5 hours to finish the whole game).
Controls, gameplay…yeah whatever. If you’re looking for a story in this, Waldo is lost. And you have to find him. If you don’t, they will kill his wife, his sister, his dog, his arch enemy and his friend in the most gruesome way possible. Everyone. If you don’t find him. So go now and find Waldo.

The whole purpose is just like the books. Except this time, you have a time limit on how long you can take to find him and whatever else you are asked to identify in the picture. It will make a good tool to help identify crims if you’re ever involved in a hold up. Assuming those crims are either Waldo, Wilma, Wenda, Odlaw, Woof or Wizard Whiteboard.
But even an hour into the game, it was like just like this: “Hi there player. Where’s Waldo?”:
Oh shit, there you are. Almost didn’t see you there.

I know this is aimed at children but this shit is just ridiculous.

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