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Deal Fun!! Where the Deals Are Fun!

Come one, come all! Take your money and throw caution to the wind!
Do you have money you don’t need anymore? Well, I have a site for YOU! - http://www.dealfun.com/.
Here is how the website works:

My wife pointed this one out to me as a way we could get a iPhone for cheap! Do you know how you can get a iPhone for cheap? You can’t. It’s a simple supply and demand equation. Steve Jobs has made them such a desirable item that even as a resold, second hand item they are still far too expensive for a shit mobile phone. That is not my opinion, this is fact. The only way you could get one for free is if you enter a contest where they are giving one away and then, that is the gamble you take. Which is far less riskier than this site. [Read More…]

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If I was Single and You Were Into Anal, You’d be mine Rebecca Black.

Rebecca Black has chosen to become Home schooled.

Black’s mother endorsed the homeschooling due to the taunting and because her daughter needs to focus on her career.

This shouldn’t be funny. But it totally is.
She is getting so much shit from her failed attempt at becoming a mainstream artist, she has decided that I’m not socially retarded enough - I’m going to start home schooling instead. People would be knocking on her door asking her Mum, “Can Rebecca come out and play? We want her to tell us what day it is and sing a song with us.”
I am just wishing Tosh doesn’t jump in and get her on his show because man, that shit would be hilarious.

Over 100 million hits is a lot. If only my site got that sort of exposure.

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Self Service

I don’t have a lot of faith in humanity as it is.
And the self service at Woolworths (WalMart if you’re American) isn’t helping.
I was there today with my items of self-loathing which are usually chips, chocolate, soft drink and iced donuts. Rarely all of them at the same time but usually a combination of those. I noticed the skinny bitch about 3 people behind me eyeing me off. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought she was checking me out and what this temple-of-a-body has to offer. But since I knew better, she was silently judging the few items I had in my basket. She would be have been thinking, “Not a bit of fucking greenery in that small lot. You’re going to go home and consume that rubbish, heavily processed food while you masturbate to videos on youporn and play video games…” and she is partially right. I had a wank this morning. So, I won’t bother having another one until tomorrow.
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Nintendo Next Gen

People are getting hard over the next Nintendo console which is due for release next year. And what is even more baffling is how people are arguing about the wrong things. Things that don’t matter or simply misguided. People argue that the controller looks awkward and would be shit to use.
Have you actually used this controller? No. Any of the gaming websites have mentioned it handles better than it looks. Everyone else doesn’t know shit. They’re just trying to troll.
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Review: Hells Kitchen (Wii)

Rough words there, Gordo. My wife has been playing this game. Mostly due to her terrible taste in modern video games.
But do you see the above photo? It’s an ingame screenshot Gordon Ramsey in this game. Well, it’s supposed to be ol’ Gordo Ramsey. But you know what it really looks more like? A sex porridge of Clive Owen, Morrisey, Martin Clune and Vinnie Jones.
If all 4 men took their semen, made some kind of gay sex goulash and they produced an offspring? It would be Gordon Ramsey in this video game. ‘Cause it doesn’t really look like Gordo.
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Worst Video Game In History?

I tried doing a search for Worst Video Games of All Time and here are the Top 10. Now, this doesn’t reflect what I think are truly terrible games. But I saw #1 and while it excited me in ways that made me want to go out and buy it now, I tracked down the video of what it was really like:

The site that directed me to that link, got a little off hand and someone misread the entire thing and thought it had something to do with worst name of a video game. Some people said it was, Attack of the Mutant Zombie Flesh Eating Chickens from Mars. I think that is an awesome name for a game.

On a completely unrelated topic, I want to play Xenogears for the PSX as the new Xenoblade is coming out and this game not only scored well, but is a prequel of sorts for it. WOO!

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Fuck Y’all. I’m going to Youtube.

I think I am doing it all wrong.

This schmuck gets 1.1mil viewers for what? Talking about how fucked the situation of a 92 year old woman pregnant is? What you have touched on is nothing new. The only thing in this video worth watching was giving birth to a 60 year old man and the man says, “Man, that was rough.” That is pretty funny. Not 1.1mil viewers funny, though.

I understand this video is old now (by youtube standards) but this video has 16mil views:

I can’t even find the original news story of this youtube with equal or more views which means this one way people get their source of news.
Here is the original video:

People are even going as far as calling this a hoax:

Which I do too; I call bullshit. People love fucked up stories because it gives them a reason to jump on youtube and either make serious points (like what are the parents in all of this doing? Cashing in on opportunity, stupid) which have either been pointed out or try and fail at some kind of satirical farce. And in this day and age, people want to hear and read stories that are a bit weird. People will even go into the Pawn shop from Pawn Stars and buy something costed at $1000 as a conversation piece. So fucks me why they won’t flock my site if people flock to that half-baked bullshit you find on the youtubes.

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Fuck Racism.

This is a great video. 1 Black guy beats the entire KKK and this story is pretty good.
Racism is bullshit.

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