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Holy Pink Tacos, Batman!

Thanks to Holy Taco for these two pics:
The link talks about the guy who wanted to see Marley & Me. Out of all the movies you could possibly see that have been made since film began, he wanted to see that film. AND THEN got upset when someone spoilt the movie for him. The funny part is that he wanted see that he wanted to see a movie that bad. It would be like seeing, Deck the Halls with Danny DeVito or Surviving Christmas with James Gandolphini to get some Christmas cheer. The only thing those movies gave me was an aneurysm and high blood pressure.

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How To Drive Like an Arsehole: What THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?

I don’t have a high respect for people as a whole.
It is made worse by the fact I work on a project which has become infamous for its rediculously high turn over rate due to low morale. Add into the mix the I-Don’t-Give-a-Shit-About-Anything-Else atttitude and the general rule of thumb is the sort of person that is on the project has the sort of intelligence you’d see in farm animals. Not all of them but its hardly glorious work. The only satisfaction that can come out of this is when you drive past the overpass or over the tunnel made by the project (on free roads that still take far more time than the built road as the toll would be far too much for any honest man to pay for), I can point and say I was apart of that.
It was fucking depressing. I guess not all the time. It did have its ups and downs.
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I wrote this massive article before I saved it, I accidently closed the tab instead of hitting the save button. FUCK. FAIL. FML. LOL.
So, I am gunna keep this short.

I bought a new router, ADSL2 modem (since my old one only support ADSL1 even though it still works and works well) and a new wireless receiver which are all TP-Link. I read good reviews all round with the items and items were cheap. So, I bought the Wireless N router with gigabit ethernet ports and the ADSL2 modem with only 1 ethernet port as the router can act like a switch if I need it to.
I subscribe to the old adage, you get what you pay for. Although, not always. In fact, I have spent money on shit in the past and have been bitterly disappointed. I bought a D-Link DIR655 which sucked a big fat one. Anyway, the amount of money I spent on all 3 items was less than the D-Link router so what did I have to lose?
The ADSL2 modem is rock solid with standard firm.
The wireless receiver and the wireless router are…ok. For the amount you pay, it is quite good. If I had paid serious money for this, however it is disappointing. I am not sure which side is failing here but I am getting dropped packets. Not constantly which makes it even harder. The wireless receiver has the latest drivers installed which work perfectly fine. The router had TONNES of great options on stock firmware. However, the connection was at best, dodgy.
I did a firmware update and it was a little better, but not great.
The router supports OpenWRT and DD-WRT. DD-WRT saved my previous linksys Wireless N router from being the brick it was with standard firmware to a really great, solid device with DD-WRT. On standard firmware, the whole connection would disconnect, the device would overheat and have all sorts of problems largely due to what I can only break it down to - a design fault. My Linksys Wireless G router with DD-WRT was the best router I had ever owned. If your dick was a CAT5 cable, you would totally fuck it. The wireless N next gen of Linksys routers - worst fucking routers ever. I got lucky with the version of my router being supported by DD-WRT otherwise it would have been a giant piece of shit.
So, flashed the TP-Link router with DD-WRT and it is much better. Still drops a lot of packets when there is a lot of network traffic, sadly, and has trouble trying to stream HDTV from my NAS which has a gigabit NIC in it but only drops every now and again that the Linksys had no trouble with. Oh, that and I don’t actually get wireless N speeds even though I am 4-5 bars of reception and both devices are Wireless N regardless on what firmware I had. 300mbit? Hardly.
Good for the price but not great products.

C’mon guys, this is short for me. When I said short, I meant NOT short. Ya know, the opposite of that.
Whatever that is.

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I love Muramasa: The Demon Blade. It’s a game on the Wii.
The Wii is a console. Which plays games and has a controller which you interact with.

And found that this game is the successor to several other games that were released on other platforms: Odin Sphere, GrimGrimoire and Princess Crown. I just hope Vanillaware doesn’t stop here although it wouldn’t be a bad place to stop since I am so obsessed with this game. Ultimately, you run around this pretty big map, fight…all sorts of bad guys like ninjas to these fighting guys that float around the screen using umbrellas and frogs that shoot poison. It doesn’t sound so mental when you actually play the game.

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Dear World, You Never Cease to Amaze Me: I Love You

I was wrong and ya know, I am ok at admitting that. In fact, I think other people are wrong as well. It was said in the allmusic review of Attila that it was the Attila album that was worse album in the history of recorded music which is unfair, really. Sure, it is pretty bad but it could be worse. As cynical it is for me to say that, no matter how bad things could be, it could be worse. And I say this is the worse now, but you wait. Somehow, I will be proven wrong. We all know the song, “Friday” by Rebecca Black (if not, youtube it). That song was far worse than any “psychedlic bullshit” Billy Joel attempted in the 70s under heavy influence of drugs. I found something which I am not sure is AS bad or worse. But, I think it is fair to say it couldn’t possibly get much worse than this:

I’m sorry for any mental anguish this shit causes.

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Can’t Get a Boner? At Least That Fact Won’t Cost You - LOL

Wife Demands $11mil Over Husbands Limp Dick:
AN Emirati man is being sued for a whopping $10.99 million for failing to have sex with his wife and causing her mental anguish…The newspaper quoted court records as saying that the woman alleged her husband failed to fulfil her needs.

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This Shit Gets Me Fucking Ropeable

This link here is the reason why I am ropeable. I just want a new show I can watch that is interesting. QI? Errol Morris’ First Person? Pawn Stars? Man Vs Wild? Any of these are a little different to the flood of shit TV that plagues our picture tubes like a window into a mass infestation of the mind and are (more or less) interesting. It doesn’t even have to be interesting. Just funny will do, too. But any show that is funny is usually either taken off 4 episodes in due to the obscure nature of the comedy or is flogged the shit out of until the comedy is more less the same as it was 6 seasons ago with very little deviation.
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