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Retrospect is one of those funny things. Seems like a really good idea at the time. And then you have arseholes like me who didn’t give it a try, make fun of your attempt. If you have no ideaa what I am banging on about, back in 1970 before he become wealthy and successful, Billy Joel was in a band. A band which answers the question: What is the worst album you’ve ever heard in your life? The answer? Attila.
I’ve tried so very hard to find this album. I am still trying to track the mp3s of it. I have found this but the link no longer works so if you can find it, link a brother up. Not to mention that Billy Joel stole the guy who he did this album with’s wife. What a bastardface. Look at this cover. It is like the pair of them knew the best possible way to take the piss. But in actual fact, were very serious. Which makes this even more funny.
The sad part to this story is due to this album doing so poorly in every possible way, Joel tried to take his own life by downing a bottle of furniture polish. Maybe he was trying to clean himself of the filth he produced on that album…I dunno.

But, that’s not all. I found another album too tasty to neglect mentioning. TDF’s, “Retail Therapy”.
“Who the fuck are TDF?” I hear you shout ignorantly like Ron Burgundy. TDF is a duo. One of which you should know quite well but is not mentioned directly by name - Eric Clapton. He teamed up with some no name and did a techno album. “What business does Eric Clapton have in techno?” None. Absolutely fucking none. You wrote classic music in the 60s and 70s with the solo matieral riding on the back of covers. Let’s not get too crazy here.
BUT WAIT! There is another band that was also mentioned of rediculousness and that is Bloodrock. Who the fuck are they? Here is a review from allmusic. I don’t feel it really reflects the albums stupidly corniness of the album. I have only heard the one song from the album that everyone seems to refer to frequently - “DOA” which has a rather freaky kind of feel to it.
Someone who has a rather interesting career is Patton Oswald. He was in that baseball movie where he plays a sad loser who is really into Baseball a little too much, he was on, ‘Lewis Black’s Root of Evil’ a bunch of time and now I have found him on a 7 inch doing stand up with the Melvins. How the fuck did something like this come about? You can download it here: Patton Oswalt/The Melvins Chunklet Split 7”-2006

Also, Paul McCartney was in a band called the Fireman which actually has McCartney not really involved in the remixing/techno part of the music. But rather, from what I can gather he writes some songs/bits and pieces and some other cracker comes in and cuts it up and remix it and according to allmusic, it works. Well. I’ll be the decider on that.

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Instead of giving you a blurb where I say something embarrassing, I will save you the time and give you the latest lot of links I just got from stumbleupon which were the best out of the ones I came across. Keep in mind this is probably only about 50-60% of the ones that pop up:
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First Person

So, I was reading about Keith Jesperson and every one of these serial killers all had a fucked childhood which would explain the way they are. So, couldn’t a serial killer just be fucked in the head? A serial killer who had a normal childhood was just 8 ways from fucked in the head? Now, I was reading about Jesperson because of the show Errol Morris’ First Person and Wikipedia. Ya know how you start watching one youtube video and 8 hours later, you’re still on youtube but long removed from the original topic you clicked on? This is one of those moments. One of the people they interviewed was a woman by the name of Sondra London who was a serial killer groupie. She ended up dating John Schaefer (http://en.wikipedia. … Gerard_John_Schaefer) and Danny Rolling (http://en.wikipedia. … g/wiki/Danny_Rolling) who were fucked human beings who enjoyed killing.
I haven’t seen all the episodes of this show but this is definately one of the most interesting shows I have ever seen.

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Mobile Phones Can Suck Shit Through My Arsehole.

It might be the way I am thinking about this but I have yet to come across a phone that beat Nokia 3210. This is the phone I had 12 years ago and while technology has improved, nothing has been better than it since. The only feature that this phone required that would have made it perfect is speakerphone.
I’m not going to travel down memory lane but this is a statement of fact.
You could receive calls on it, you could make calls on it, it did SMS, the battery life lasted 5 days to a week, it had snake and a light - that’s it. The battery finally gave out on me 5 years later in 2004 and I have owned a multitude of phones since and none of them are even half as good to coming close to this phone.
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Suggestions? Wireless Speakers

Hi guys, I am after some wireless speakers.
What I want to do is have a receiver plugged into my computer and have them floating around the house. My computer is upstairs and my speakers will be downstairs if that makes any difference. Some of the systems I have seen are bluetooth which is fine if it would work. The speakers would be going only about 40m from the computer.
The only ones that come close are the Sony Atlus S-AIR Bundle.
Any suggestions? Or even if you’ve had experience with these, let me know how they are.

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The Art of Table Manners

Hi Guys!
My inbox is overflowing with emails you’re not sending. I have to request from GMail more non-existing email space for the emails I’m not receiving. One of the emails I didn’t receive was about table manners. And since I am practically a professional in the business of table manners, I think I have the gusto to tell you what I know.
Right from the get go: Please and thank you. That is not a joke. That shit is serious. The amount of arseholes that do not even have this down pat is phenomenal.
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