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4Chan Takes Down MPAA and Anti-Piracy websites.

Following a call to arms yesterday, the masses inhabiting the anonymous 4chan boards have carried out a huge assault on a pair of anti-piracy enemies. The website of Aiplex Software, the anti-piracy outfit which has been DDoSing torrent sites recently, is currently down having been DDoS’d. They are joined in the Internet wasteland by the MPAA’s website, also currently under huge and sustained attack.

I think it is both great and kinda dumb. It’s great because it shows that with enough kids, they can load up an app on their home computer and take down any site they want. Which in itself is kinda dangerous. You piss off the wrong crowd and your site is as good as down. If you have a leader whose heart is in the right place but has a misguided direction, you could be potentially taking down sites of the innocent or sites that don’t deserve to be taken down without getting the whole picture.
The kinda dumb part is - what would taking down their site really accomplish? If they had some web apps they use internally stored on the same server, that would cause issues for the company but taking down the site is kinda lame considering you can change the IP, update the DNS and BLAMMO! Back online within 24 hours.
MPAA and RIAA deserve it for a plethora of reasons which I won’t go into detail for. They are the most hated company in the US for a reason. It’s a double-edged sword, though.
I am not saying just because you can download free means it is acceptable. If it was worthy of coin, people would steal but the big companies appeal to the mainstream by going through the motions and creating a product, not art. The big companies say you are stealing from them if you download it for free. But where the TRUE crime comes from is the kind of money they are asking for a CD or movie. Just fucking ridiculous. Not to mention that physical medium is a thing of the past. If these big companies embraced instead of having shitty companies try to locate and sue their purchasers (keep in mind just because they have downloaded one thing for free or several things for free doesn’t mean it is being done all the time), it is not a good PR move. They dun goofed.

Q & A with a Convicted RIAA Victim

Boston student Joel Tenenbaum is the poster child of an entire generation of downloaders, and one of the few people to stand up against the RIAA instead of signing off on a settlement. This decision proved to be a costly one for Tenenbaum, who now has to pay $67,500 in damages to the record labels for sharing 7 songs. In an interview he now looks back at recent years.

This is a good read. This guy got busted but hey, I agree with him. Being forced to pay $675,000 for 7 songs is fucked. I think a sum of money should be paid if you get caught but man, the reason we download for free is because we’re not all made of money. If you couldn’t afford to pay for the 7 songs, where the fuck do these companies think we’re gunna track the money for the sued price?

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People Are Fucked

I didn’t like people before I saw this video clip but this is fucked.
A lady throws a cat in the bin.
What sort of sick fucking human being does that?

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Ugly Kid

This video has had 5 million views.
I fail to see how. It is unoriginal. The first thing EVERYONE with a cam wants to do is mouth to a song. Except for me. And to add salt to the wound, this kid is fucking ugly. To begin with, I wasn’t sure if it was an ugly kid or a midget. It is like they have ripped dregs off a the ugly tree, carved an ugly bat out of it, made him climb to the top, hit him with it and watch him hit all the ugly branches on the way down. I would understand if this video reached 10,000 people…maybe even 30,000 as it seems like there is a large group of people who will watch just about anything. This included.

Way to fucking waste 10 seconds of my life I am not getting you fucking little shit (I didn’t bother watching the whole thing, I got the gyst). If you were my brother, I would beat you mercilessly into a coma. Then disown you.
I guess what upsets me the most is the fact that this video reached 5mil viewers. It was sent to me by one of the office ladies. Never again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice? You can’t get fooled again. The song is shit, the kid is ugly and the video is unoriginal. At least those two idiots who did, “Chop Suey” many years ago were at least entertaining and that fat asian dancing in his underwear was embarrassing. This is just insulting. People like this shit? People will watch anything.
And to make matters worse, this was such a hit he thought he would follow it up with EXACTLY THE SAME THING WITH OTHER SONGS, YOU LITTLE FUCK.

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Public Restroom Rules

This has got to be the funniest pic I have seen in the last 5 minutes.

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Ok Guys, I was watching this tonight on a review of Contra: Hard Corps and right at the very end of the clip they show a different game at the 2:06min mark.
Does anyone know what it is?
Prizes go out to those who can tell me.

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I had this idea when I was stuck in traffic.
What causes traffic? It is a combination of several factors. But let’s be honest, without people there wouldn’t be traffic. The more people you cram into one area of road, the more congested it becomes. People merging onto that road only adds to the asthmatic snail pace you are already crawling to.
Another factor is this ripple effect where a car will merge from an onramp and the car behind it, slows down. The car behind that car slows down. So on and so forth until it gets about 6 cars down and we now have stopped. And that is just one car. Now add a consistent amount of cars during peak and this is why you are doing 10-20K/hr in a 100KM zone.
Another factor is that people can not merge. This is a known fact. I don’t even need to justify this with links for proof. Just go to an onramp somewhere, park near it and go watch people merge. Watch as someone doing 100KM slows down to let the person merge and then have the person who is doing merging slow down to let the car slowing down pass him so he can slide in behind him. And if that doesn’t cause you to have some kind of aneurysm or make you feel a little more stupid/ashamed to human, I am not sure what will. What will cause a little excitement in your day is if you go to that same spot and watch two ego fuckfaces battle it out. The guy driving his 2008 Holden Ute that he spent all weekend washing his car and drinking beer is not slowing down for the egomaniac in 4WD car (It is not brand-specific as I have yet to find someone who drives one that I think is a half decent human being) who has never taken it outside of ‘burbs is also not slowing down and both of them think they have right of way. This will cause an accident (although accident usually implies a bit of bad luck instead of what it really is: a circumstance that involves two dicks stupid enough to not know how to work out the merging system).

So I thought of a system. Which is would eliminate the need to make bridges over existing infrastructure and build new tunnels. The idea is not to take work away from the people in the field of jobs because we know it is the lifeblood for a lot of people. It is like a train system so it still requires many years of development but the end result would pay off. What you would have instead of cars is pods. A pod can hold 2, 3 or 4 people per pod. You can either type in an address (which will all be pre-programmed) or if you are going to an area which does not have a specified address (for instance you need to go to a remote area to dig a shallow grave for the dead body you have, you can type in a manual address. It would run on something like (but not necessarily) Google maps mixed with some form of specialized GPS system. Of course you would have to give it a thorough test before actually executing it to the public but make it so simple even old Nana’s can use it. On the menu, you could have suggestions of popular destinations frequently visited by people. Whether it be the city, one of the more popular pubs in the area or whether it be that Brothel, the Viper Room at Yeerongpilly.
Pods that run purely on electricity. Of course this would mean we then require more electricity grids than what we already have. But then we’d have less of a dependence on petrol and all the other associated car costs: petrol prices, car maintenance, car registration, car insurance, tolls, etc. We could have electrical cars but that still doesn’t fix the other problems: road infrastructure and traffic.
No one gets a pod except people who need special needs pods like a trady or a courier. Trucks get their own special lane so no one is inconvenienced by them. You just book it (like a taxi) and the Pod finds you with its GPS system. If there is one around the road available, it will be at your place within minutes at the very latest. Each area would have a deposit of pods closely available at all times. If there is a room to run out, the computer system sends for more. There will be a depot of these somewhere. Since this will take over cars, buses and trains there will be plenty of room to store shit when we find a place to stash all the other cars.
They run on tracks so you would need people to make tracks instead of bitumen road. Now in the beginning, this would be problematic but it would be beneficial down the line because if you have a new estate or suburb going in, you could just extend the line.
The pods would be various colours and styles and those who were making cars now make pods. Another benefit for this is you would pay to travel between places instead of paying for a car and all associated costs. The cost you pay to get from point a to point b includes maintenance and the whole package. It would be like buying a train ticket from your house.
What about the traffic problem? Well, any major road we have varies between 2 and 5 lanes. On a traditional road with say 3 lanes, you can actually fit 4-5 pods in the same space concurrently without it being too overcrowded. By introducing the computerized system, we take people out of the picture. Merging wouldn’t be a problem anymore because cars do the driving, not people. So when a wanker approaches the top of a hill, it will no longer brake because some dim-witted moron can’t see over the top of a hill and slow the traffic for EVERYONE. People have no control over slowing it down which is part of the problem. There is an emergency brake which overrides everything in the case of a system failure. Depending on how hard you press the emergency brake will depend on how quick the pod slows down.
Car companies wouldn’t have control either. This benefits everyone except for car companies. If you ever watch the doco, “Who Killed the Electric Car?”, it goes on to say that because an electric car was so efficient, it stopped making money for lots of people. You could only get an EV1 (General Motors) through lease only and no one ever owned one. The car was not very profitable and was part of the reason why it was canned. People wouldn’t have debts because of cars as they would cease to exist. They could spend on other things. The rate of car-related accidents would be next to nothing. Unless the system’s crash detection failed in whole areas, in which case it would be a really bad day for everyone (at least you have the emergency brake unless you fall asleep on your way to work in which case, you would die peacefully unlike the others in the other pod who died screaming). As long as the pod knows it route, it could lose connection to the server because all pods are on tracks and it just follows the quickest track to its destination which works the absolute opposite way to how a GPS works now (and a Taxi driver).
The people who were working for car companies now work for big brother. Big brother makes the pods, controls and maintains the pods so no jobs are lost. Except sales reps. Those guys either find another job somewhere else or turn into phone techs. WOO!

Now I know there are some problems.
The first problem is money to fund such infrastructure. If it costs $4.7bil to make the Airport Link in Brisbane, QLD Australia then to make this a reality, it would cost a ridiculous amount of money. Yes, if you span it out over the amount of years it would take to develop this, it would still cost a lot of money and no one is prepared to future-proof anything. Think of this: If they built the roads we need now back in the 70s, 80s or even the 90s, it would cost a fraction of what it does now. So, why didn’t they? It’s all relative. $100,000 these days is certainly worth a whole lot less than it did back then. But we still pay an inflated amount for just about anything.
The second problem is we all know Petrol companies ensure they will have a death grip over our means of just about every means of transport to ensure their abundance of money will ultimately be endless. It would be foolish for them to not to be planning something as I write this or already have a plan as it would be naive or arrogant to think Petrol will last forever. Why this would matter is petrol companies would have ties with anyone and everyone who has a say on whether something like this would be built and greed would prevail instead of thinking about a solution to assist the bigger picture: me stuck in traffic. Duh.
The next problem is there is currently no type of GPS system like the one I talk about. I am sure something like that would be relatively easy to implement. Just need some kind of server farm to hold the data of where everyone lives.

The thought would be that people would no longer have an excuse for traveling long distances as well. They would just get into a pod and away they go. They could sleep, read, play a PSP or Nintendo DS…whatever.

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About Fucking Time…

I do not own a PS3.
I know several people who do.
And they have been out on a limb for awhile now for several reasons.
2. They now have found a way to hack the PS3.
3. Several add-ons to major titles being offered to Xbox well before PS3

1 and 3 are still outstanding but they made a hack for the PS3 now. PS3 made an update which renders it pointless so don’t update your PS3. Ever.

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I dunno how relevant this is but most pieces of software these days update themselves. But what about those that don’t?
TA-DA! It’s free. It’s SUMo (Software Update Monitor). Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your take), it does not come with naked obese Asians in oversized G-strings. Add your programs to the software and it updates. It’s tiny as shit which is good. If only all apps could be like small and efficient like this.
You can download it from here.
This all came about because CNET has ceased updating and supporting VersionTracker

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