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Push Your Luck

6 Most Creative Loopholes Ever Abused
I love cracked.
There’s the story of the smokers to avoid the smoking ban all said they were in a stage performance to continue smoking inside. There’s the story of David Phillips who found a promotion where frequent flyer miles were handed out when you send in 10 barcodes were sent in. Then worked out flying was far more valuable than pudding cups and bought 12,150 cups of pudding in exchange for 1.25million flying miles.

And then there is the story of Michael Larsen. He was unemployed and watched the show, Push Your Luck every day. Taped every episode and found the random machine which selected your prizes wasn’t random and “cheated” the system out $100,000 and a trip to Hawaii and the Bahama’s.
What an epic story. One of the people who commented went on to say:

They interviewed Michael Larson’s family on This American Life in 2008. He was a true example of how having money can actually make things worse. Larson ended up alienating his wife and his parents because he was scared they were stealing from him. It’s on their website in the episode “Something for Nothing” and is definitely worth listening to, even if the message is depressing.

I tracked down ALL 5 parts of that episode which was banned from being shown again.
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Because of youtube’s greatness, I also found two Game Show moments which were worthy of posting:
An unappreciative contestant:

$1mil Winner

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Principality of Sealand

10 Strangest Almost Nations
This is such an interesting list as I have never heard of these places.
And there is a reason for that.
If you read the list you will notice these micro-nations only exist because they have been established by COMPLETE FRUIT CAKES. To be fair, that is not always the case. It becomes clear that a few of these people are subject to circumstance in the sense that a law is in place to prevent them from what they want to accomplish or they have an ideal which the law does not allow.

The one that is most interesting is the Principality of Sealand. It’s a fucking oil rig 10KM off the shore of England. It started out during WW2 as a way to deter German air raids and was setup as a pirate radio station. Anyway, long story short it is its own sovereign nation with it even opening fire on passing ships in its immediate area. Yeah, that doesn’t sound weird at all.

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Warlight: One of the Best Webgames I Have Ever Played

I fucking lost sleep over this game.
And when I went to sleep, I dreamt about this.
What am I on about? One of the best webgames I have ever played:
It is a process-driven game. Kinda like Risk (if you have played it before).
They ease you in (on level 1) by giving you all of Europe and you have to eliminate the other player. Each turn you get 5 armies and you deploy them to your countries and then tell them where to go and if you send enough, you take over the territory.
Then they progress giving you a nice addition of fog which prevents you from seeing the whole board and only seeing neighbouring countries which can be a pain when you realize in a game of 4 other players that 3 have just died and you still only own one continent and you can’t see the only other player owns the rest of the board. Leaving you with the knowledge that in 5 or so turns time, the other player is about to hand you your arsehole on a plate. Oh and then they split up the countries up which only adds more time to dominate the board but is a nice addition.
It also doubles as a online game. You can play a buddy which is also awesome.
Fuck any other game I mentioned on here before.
Play this game.
Thank me later.

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We use McAfee at work and I hate the fucking program.
I found this recently and it thrilled me to see someone else who hates the program as much as I do.
Where my complete disdain for this program came from was when I first started in the company I am with now, it was just about impossible to actually remove the fucking program without needing to reimage the entire machine. You would have to go into safe mode to remove one component and then if that didn’t work, you had to delete registry entries and all sorts of fucking heartache. Then with the latest version, they fixed this by giving us a one line command which would have been great 2 years when just about any other AV which wasn’t Norton (which also sucks shit out of my arsehole on many levels) would be easy to remove if a reinstall was required.
We have a thing called an EPO. Which is a way of remotely deploying out the McAfee application through a webGUI. In itself, the concept of the EPO is fine and it has reporting tools and a dashboard which shows us all sorts of information which is the upside.
The downside? Well, if McAfee ACTUALLY CAUGHT SOME FUCKING VIRUS’, we would have a decent anti virus on our hands.

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Give Up, Robot

http://armorgames.co … y/6586/give-up-robot
This is fucking insane.
You’re a robot. You go through mazes.
It starts easy like all good games does and progresses to hard at a steady rate.
It’s good.
You’re welcome.

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Paralysed Goats

I know it sounds like the name of an AWESOME band.
But it is a debilitating condition when the goats get scared, instead of losing control over bodily functions, they have such a rush of adrenaline that it causes them to become paralysed:

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iPhone 4 Vs HTC Evo

Everyone who is just about anyone knows what an iPhone is.
HTC Evo are not well known. But those who own one and know what they’re capable of, would laugh at FUCKING RETARDED iPhone users. This video explains it in ways I never could.

Total classic. No wonder it has 8mil views.

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You Sir, Are an Intolerable Fuck

Man, I thought I was hard to get along with.
At least I am not some whingy teenager.

How the FUCK do you get 500,000 users watch you at one time? The only clever thing about the videos is he has distinctly separated himself from the millions of other assclowns who feel like they should be heard without adding much to anything by adding annoying bright colours to the background of the shot youtube use to link to the video. After watching…enough of his videos, I can confirm that this guy is a brain dead moron.
“Ya know…like…me and my friends, we were hangin out and Kayen says to Maiesha suck my balls. So Maiesha says, ‘Present them’ and we were like LOL DUDE! DO IT! He says, ‘I’ll do it…if you tongue my dirty arsehole at the same time!’ OH SNAP!”
Except ya know…not that good.

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