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Hilarious Hampster

I dunno why but the more you watch this, the funnier it becomes.

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Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife

Here is the original story:

Here is the remix:


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MAC Vs. PC: Fuck You Both.


Ya know how I showed you in a previous post that if you’re either a MAC fan or a PC/Windows fan, there is a site that puts a carrot up both sides arseholes?
Well, I did some research.
I also have a slight bias because I enjoy building PCs. Whereas MAC lacks the ability to do that. I can put compatible hardware in a list, build it, install an OS on it and everything is arsepeaches.
MAC comes as is and sucks shit out of my arsehole with its over-priced, under-utilised hardware.

So the question I posed is: Are MAC users pretentious snobs?
The Answer? Yes. Yes, they are. This link also declares they are..
It makes mention in those links that MAC’s are elitist arseholes. What I just don’t get is how can you be an elitist in something that takes technology and simplifies it? How is that elitist? Usually elitists are people who know something about an area or industry and because of that, they then think they’re above everyone else. How does liking a piece of technology which any animal with an opposable thumb could use - be elitist? I only associate MACs with people are fucking morons with too much money and have very little grasp on technology but feel the need to be accepted in some form of social group.

Now, don’t get me wrong.
PC’s suck, too. With a PC, you have the option to install well…any OS you want on it. If you have some homo-erotic fixation on OSX, you can install it on a PC without much dramas.
I have already expressed my distaste for Windows 7 which has changed a little. All those things I mentioned previously, still stand. But instead of wanting to change say, Windows explorer, I am leaving it as is. I still want to change but now I have gotten used to it being shit. I just hope maybe in future OS versions, it be slightly more modifiable.

The thingis, computers SHOULD be easy to use. But not at the stake of losing functionality. In an ideal world, what we all want is something that doesn’t get virus’ (like Linux), doesn’t need a defrag (although with the invent of SSD, this should soon be resolved but no fucking thanks to NTFS), doesn’t need constant software updates to fix serious gaping security holes (Linux), no need for a registry (any OS which is not Windows), doesn’t need shitty command lines to do shit (like Windows), looks nice (sorta Windows 7 but not really, in fact now that I think about it I have been really unimpressed with most OS’ I have anything to do with), flexibility of options (still haven’t seen a fully flexible OS to date), easy navigation (the duh-I’m-a-moron approach of OSX) and plays games (like Windows).
And the hardware it should be installed on should be flexible enough that you do NOT have to buy proprietary pieces of hardware at marked up prices. You can buy your i7 or dual core CPU with tri-channel RAM and 1TB hard drive and install the latest version of LindowsX.

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Ride The Acoustic Metal

I am right into this song at the moment in a big way.
Equilibrium - Heimwärts (Acoustic):

Now I know that youtube vid posts are not as popular as the two people who subscribe to my RSS feeds (Thanks, Mum and Dad) have to take precious seconds out of their day to go to my website and check it out instead of spending that time on facebook building a bigger farm, or breeding more fish. Glad to know where I stand.

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Terry Tate: Office Linebacker

I know what you’re thinking: this motherfucker must live in a cave.
Because I’d never heard of Terry Tate: Office Linebacker.
And until now, I didn’t know what I was missing. Terry Tate is awesome.

You’re welcome.

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Happy SysAdmin Day…2 Fucking Days Ago

I probably said it last year but because I am slow, 2 days ago (Jul 30th) was SysAdmin Day. Not saying I’m one but I do work as a technician.
This to me encapsulates what a SysAdmin person is.

In nerd-related topics, Facebook tops 500 million users worldwide. Ya know what that means to me? Fucking nothing I mean, apart from people wanting to get in touch with people they don’t know or really don’t keep in touch with. If you can’t be arsed to catch up with people in real life, then they probably don’t mean a whole lot to you. Don’t let that small insignificant detail worry you, though because Facebook connects everyone with a few clicks. In a few simple clicks, people can see your profile and start the ball rolling on stalking you.
Give yourself that false sense of satisfaction in knowing that out of the 1200 facebook friends you have…maybe 2 will spend time with you in person and the rest will ignore you. But still keep you on their list.
People are fucked.

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