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Next Generation: The Youtubes

Sorry for the increase of youtube videos.
Actually, ya know what? I am not sorry at all.
Enjoy, arseholes.

This is a cool vid with John Lennon:

I thought this was pretty funny:

Interesting drumming, great sounds:

I finally found a video which wholly represents what I think about the iPad:

And same for the iPhone:

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My Prostate Tastes Funny. And Not “Haha” Funny, Either

I’ve been heaving my testicles out through my mouth during the week. I am pretty sure I vomited my prostate or at least pushed so hard it is now the strongest muscle in my body. I guess what I am trying to say is my body needed some self-loving. And I am not talking about the time you spend with it that would typically require porn. I never got sick and I have been sick on and off all week. I think my body just needed some time away from work.

ANYWAY, since I am the fucking last person on the face of the planet to find out Internet Meme’s, we have http://encyclopediadramatica.com/ which is somewhat a little more informed than I. However, when I read this site I am not sure if I am reading either loser, nerdy, unfunny shit I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot clown pole or genius.
Anyway, some dude kills himself on webcam. I thought that would be a horrific event but they have somehow made it into a meme and made the whole thing into something trivial. The guy who thought he was clever was clearly not too bright to begin with. They made him an hero.

There is also something called No Homo.
This video explains it all:

I fucked your Dad. No homo.
See? It’s alright.

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Online Conversion

I wanted to convert a whole bunch of swf files but didn’t want to install software to do it.
So I found two sites worth checking out that allows you to upload and it will do the converting for you.
http://www.youconver … om/ConvertFiles.aspx

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I am not a political person.
The most political I have ever been before is, “Does this have tits in it? No? I’m out.”
Australia’s PM Can Fuck Right Off
While shit like this is going on, how can you really think we’re free? Each day passes with more and more liberties taken away from us and such a slow and steady rate that we don’t know they’re gone until we exercize them and realize there is now a law in place that could put me in jail or fine me for such behaviour. When Australia day happens on the 26th of January every year and people drive around with their flags and think about how great the country is, they are right. It could be far worst like maybe FoxConn in China.

But Australia has its flaws so you can’t be too proud. You could simply over-simplify and overlook current problems and be proud of your nation. But realistically if we were everything we claim we are, we’d be far more advanced than where we are now. But due to corporate greed and Government that is constantly being overcharged through the arsehole by companies that provide for its infrastructure to cater for the ever-expanding population, and the fact that if you are in the Government sector it takes anything just about forever to be accomplished with all sorts of red tape, being PC and process getting in the way we could be further than where we are. Things get accomplished if the problem is big enough. It is just that no one (Government or not) moves without urgency. So we are in this continuous vicious cycle of chasing our arses. And then what do we have to be proud of? Freedom?
Well, no the new PM wants to take that away from us. This bitch claims it is up to them to prevent them from being able to look and find child porn. As soon as they create the filter, they will find a way around it in 10 minutes. The people will spend some ridiculous amount of money in tax to fund such a thing to find it can be reverse engineered the day after it was released. And then create a web page to show how to bypass it one afternoon with screenshots so even the lamen can get around it. Let’s hope this time around it is not a 13 year old kid who finds a simple solution to the new filter they will apply at an ISP level if this goes through. It seems like a reasonable thing to block child porn on the net but when you start to prevent us from doing other things like watching regular porn on the net that shit is fucked up. What gives you fucks the right to dictate what I can and can’t view? People have to start take responsibility for their fucking actions and learn how to create filters on their own internet connection so their children can browse safely.

So far, the new PM has done nothing to impress me. She shouldn’t worry too much about that. After all, I am only one vote. But someone who was an avid Labor-voter in the past, might be in future throwing away my vote for one of those minor parties who get no votes as a way to show my disapproval of the two major parties and how neither of them appeal to my ideals in the world. And how piss poor they are currently doing.

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The Longest Ever

I was at work dicking around inbetween jobs and one of the guys asked, “What is the longest song, ever?”
It was a noise band called Bull of Haven.

It goes for over 2 months. What sort of extreme bullshit is that?
Imagine going to THAT gig. “Oh man, I need to pee but I’ve been told there is a good bit coming up…”
My argument is this: It’s not music. It’s not a song. It’s noise. Who can sit there and tolerate noise for that long? The most entertaining thing about this band is the track names. It sounds like monotonous drones of keyboard synth on repeat or extended for ridiculously large periods of time.
The rebuttal is music is interpretive and can be just about anything. Which is why avant-garde is total fucking non-sense. I would love to make an avant-garde album and try to make a mint off it. It’ll contain the sounds of alley cats, turtles having sex and garbage bins being beaten with sticks. It will represent the ever decline of our rapture. OR it will be some wanker taking samples from around the place and slapping together and trying to flog them to people who lap this shit up.

Yahoo Answers the same question, laughably as “In the God of Naveda” by Iron Butterfly. Isn’t that cute? Sure it is a long song and it epitomizes the excesses of the 60s acid rock era but the longest song ever? No. Plus, the song is called, “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” by Iron Butterfly. Which goes for 17 minutes long.
“Providence” by Godspeed You! Black Emperor is about 29 mins which is pretty damn long.
“Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence” by Dream Theatre is 42 mins long.
Half of the Pink Floyd catalog.
“Sleep” by Dopesmoker is over an hour long
“The Devil Glitch” by Chris Butler is 69 minutes long.
“The Decline” by Nofx is 18 minutes long.

The longest symphony is Victory at Sea by Richard Rodgers which goes for 13 hours. Better dedicate a day or two for it.

What is the longest pop song in history?
According to Yahoo Answers, it’s Don McLean’s, “American Pie”. When McLean was asked what does, “American Pie” mean to you he replied: “Never having to work another day in my life”. What a fucking wank. I think he spends his days doing lines of blow with the occasional gig.
Wiki states that the lyrics are a somewhat autobiographical and present an abstract story of his life from the mid-1950s until the time he wrote the song in the late 1960s. Pfft, whatever.

Since we live in an age of excess, here are some other records which are a little strange:
The Longest Time Watching TV
The Longest Pizza Delivery
The Longest Title of an Album
The Longest Movie, Ever
The Longest Time Inbetween Children
The Longest Traffic Line
The Longest Tunnel

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Two Girls, One Horse

It tastes just like raisins!

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Inventive Ways to Hack

Help Desk Has Never Changed:

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