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Frog Rape / Monkey Blow Job

This is the FUNNIEST thing I have seen in a long time:

When nature imitates humans:

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Computer Shit

Want a program that checks all your ports to see if there is any unusual activity?
I found a program called Active Ports.

Turn any disc image into an ISO?
Best of all, it’s free. How everything should be.

Need something to monitor all of the cores on your CPU?
There is TMonitor.
Assists in Troubleshooting or just being a big ol’ nerd.

Windows Tricks Everyone Should Know? I doubt it.

VPN Services and How-To’s.

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iPhone 4 Sucks Shit. Fuck Apple.

I’m a nice guy.
Who am I kidding? I am a giant arsehole.
Lucky for me the world is full of arseholes so in the scheme of things, I am a nice guy.

The new iPhone 4 came out recently and whaddaya know, it had problems. Wait a minute. You mean to tell me a piece of “cutting edge” technology had problems? Since when has ANY technology ever had problems? I am pretty sure Windows has been faultless since its introduction to the mainstream many years ago. The thing that separates an iPhone from an iPod is the ability to make a phone call on it and a few other basic requirements: SMS, MMS…etc. So when you hold the phone and it kills the signal, you take away the phone part away.
Leaving you with an iPod.

Apart from a fucking useless shitty antenna, what other features does the iPhone4 have?
Well, more calls drop out on the iPhone 4G than the iPhone 3GS and proximity sensor was fucked (but is now fixed).Apple announces there is NO software fix for their antenna fuck up which is always awesome. Instead, they are offering a FREE silicon case (also known as a bumper) with all iPhone 4’s to get around their problem. Genius.
I don’t see the problem. I mean, you could buy an iPhone 3GS which has no problems. So instead of recalling your devices, Apple are still flogging them with a solution that only works with a now-mandatory case.

But what most people don’t know is the iPhone is not as fucking revolutionary as everyone believes it. Much like the way Windows plagiarizes every new feature from Linux like its their own handy work, the iPhone steals its ideas from better phones and puts marketing on it in such a way, that every clown eats that shit up and would never think to look around.
What Apple have done is nothing new. They take your tasks you wish to perform on the go and make it so fucking simple, that anyone with an opposable thumb to be able to use it. They make everything accessible to even the technology laymen. And make it look really pretty.

But it turns out, that it is not just the iPhone which is popular. Just about any phone which is half decent seems to sell quick. But as you can tell from this comprehensive review, the only thing they mention which means shit to me is the display has been improved. When you have a shitty antenna, it sorta makes the whole nice display look fucking retarded. If it wasn’t for a vicious, wildly competitive and company-busting market the iPhone 4 wouldn’t exist for some time. I mean, they wouldn’t feel the need to force a new, dodgy product onto the network.

However, not is all lost. WOO! It does look quite good for us, the consumer. A competitive market is exactly what we want. It is the only thing that makes companies push harder for better products at cheaper prices. The only problem we could ever face is if all the companies in one market decide to be total fuckers and give EVERYONE poor service, make something incredibly expensive and give us a poor product. That there is the trifecta.

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Sometimes, I am intense.
Sometimes, there are things that shit me off.
And there are times I like to mellow out.
I might spend whole months listening to post-rock, light-rock, indie-rock and easy-listening.
Yeah, I know. I’m a fag.

This is a site which helps me chill.
I could drink some Natty Ice and chill with the bro’s.
I could play some Gamecube and chill with the bro’s.
I could admit I enjoy soaking in the bath with the artificial noises of rain to calm me from dying at an early age from an aneurysm or high blood pressure. Meh, the take-away food I eat will give that to me, anyway.

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In case you’ve been living in a cave for years, this is a classic site:
I found out not everyone knows about this site.
Now you don’t have an excuse.

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How many followers do I need for people to start donating towards my website?
I was watching the latest in AVGN and noticed he gets anywhere between 11-230 comments per update. And while the videos are quite entertaining, he is not THAT funny. This video covers sequels which were not that bad (even though there were one or two in that list that I have actually seen which were pretty fucking terrible. Or this review of Maximum Overdrive: both the best and worst movie of all time AND the only movie ever written and directed by Stephen King. Maybe he should stick to writing books.

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Embarrassing for the RIAA

I have always said I love a story where the little guy(s) beats the big companies. I love it even more when the big companies shoot themselves in the foot because the people making decisions are clearly dickheads and have more money than sense.

I feel bad for the RIAA. Well this story about the RIAA tells us out of the $64mil that has been spent in trying to track pirates, they’ve managed to re-coup $1.3. Take that back. I don’t feel sorry for the RIAA. They can suck the shit out of my bleached arsehole. I hope they go broke trying their pathetic scare tactics. Wouldn’t this money had better spent on education? Or better lifestyles/Pay increases? Or hospitals? Or a third-world country that could really use it instead of greedy, corporate bullshit? I think it should be mandatory for anyone over a certain threshold to make mandatory payments to third world countries. Never gunna effect me and if it ever did, I’d be more than happy to. I could claim it as a tax deduction.
Technology is at such a level where RIAA are NEVER going to win. Ever. The courts take so long to do anything, that by the time they have prosecuted one user, a million more users have just downloaded more than one song for free.

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WTF Japan? Srsly.

This deserves an entry on its own.
There is a whole website devoted to weird shit like this.


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