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Free Bandwidth Monitor

In Australia, we have an arse-backwards system for Internet bandwidth. I constantly get caught up in news articles that either give us hope of more bandwidth or having the Government/ISPs monitor and block content. Regardless on whether it is actually up to them to do so.

One of the things that makes the system arse-backwards is this Peak/Off-Peak system. Which means during one part of the day, you can download only so much, the other part is restricted to another set of data you can download. For instance, you get 20gb peak and 50gb off peak. Which means it is ultimately 70gb but if you find you download 25gb during peak, that is it. Depending on how your ISP works, it will either slow you down during the time you have over-downloaded, shape your speed until the next month regardless or keep your speeds the way they are and then just pants you in fees when the bill comes around.

I am moving to an ISP that has such a thing in place and I don\’t like the idea of being shaped or molested by an Internet bill than leaves me begging on the street after a day at work or forces me to get a second job to pay it off. So, how do I keep this under wraps?
A bandwidth monitor.

The only problem with most monitors I have found is they take into consideration ALL data flow which means if you copy data from one computer to another on your network, it counts that as well as download.

These are the two I found: Bandwidth Monitor and FreeMeter.

They seem to do the job.

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Online Flash Games


Bubble Tanks Tower Defense


Street Fighter 2

What Pacman would be like if it were real life:

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I am gunna have a retrogasm here by saying I remember Hotmail.
I mean, I can’t believe people still use it. There is this crazy notion I have seen floating the Interwebs that some people hate Gmail. I dunno why but whatever.
I read that Hotmail has removed ads from the footers of emails. That’s all very well and good except it’s about 10 years too late.
Go to Gmail. It’s more versatile and when you have a Gmail account, it allows you to do other things like sign up for Youtube accounts. Not to mention the file size restriction on attachments is better with Gmail and Gmail gives you more space with your inbox than Hotmail does.
The only people I know who use Hotmail are old people who aren’t willing to change since they created the account 15 years ago OR people who don’t know better.
Using Hotmail is like using metacrawlers (search engines that aren’t Google) instead of Google.

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http://mreviews.brac … y:entry081129-020837
OK guys, thank you all for viewing this particular entry. No one else could give a shit about what I have to say but this entry raised a few eyebrows.
Or rather, someone found this entry and decided to SPAM THE SHIT OUT OF IT.
I don’t know how they found my site.
I mean, I am not even #1 anymore when you search for 2 Inches of Fury.
How do people find this site that no one visits? Writing for this site is like talking in an alley way to no one. You can hear your own voice through the echo but no one hears the tree falling in the woods.

Still…seems like that entry really spoke to a lot of people.
I KNOW IT DIDN’T. I am just trying to enjoy this moment!
Way to spoil this moment for me.
Maybe I need some Google ads for my website to make the 39 cents annually I will receive totally worth writing.

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You Fags Sure Got Told

If you hate Windows, OSX and whatever else - this is the site for you.
It will agree with you, I’m sure.

It gives you a breakdown of what happened when Steve Jobs showed off its iPhone 4 OS. If you’re not aware, he was showing the WiFi product of the iPhone and couldn’t connect to any of the networks. And then blamed all the interference with everyone in the conference using WiFi. My suggestion: get a fucking device that works, you arsehole Steve Jobs. What a piss poor excuse. We had 10 WiFi networks in our area when I was living a friend and I could connect to my own no problem any time. Or any of the others that were unprotected.
Safari 5 came out recently as well. The recommendation? Indifference. Slow. Not even Average.

If you are going to say your browser is the fastest, you might want to do some ACTUAL testing in real world scenarios like a Windows machine, you douchbags.
What gets my goat is that these companies are really more conglomerates that employ 1000s of people. How can you have so many people on the team, and still get something reasonably simple wrong? I am not just targeting Apple (as they have the simpleton/laymen approach to technology down pat with iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc) but MS, Norton, McAfee…etc as well. Any large software company. It is not hard on what the user wants so why can’t it be developed?
Sometimes there are complex solutions to rather simple problems.

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Jason Derulo Cops 2 Inches

You guys know me - I am up with the hippest shit in the market right now, musically. Right?

This is a great song. He has to announce his own before the song kicks off because you know how it is. You hear the first 4 sounds (I wouldn’t go so far to call them notes as they are mechanically made) and people go, “Wow, who is this?”
JASON DERULA! replies the song.
I thought it was Derulo. How embarrassing for him. He doesn’t even know his own name. Not a terribly great start to a song that makes more than than 50 people make in their life times but whatever.
I mean all these songs sound the same so by declaring your name like it is was some kind of introduction to the rest of your generic shit makes sense to me.
So I am guessing this song is aimed at teenage girls because they would be the only ones both with piss poor taste in music and…ARE they looking for love? And love is the reason why you go into a club. Not because you just want to dance. And if you tried looking for love in the personal column in the paper, Jason does not accommodate for your method of date finding. But don’t stress! Jason has some advice for those who are looking for love.
Then in the next screen, we find out that Jason not only big notes himself but it was all a selfish motivation. What is to say I can’t show a woman love better than you can, Jason?
We break into the chorus and it all becomes clear. Jason wants to do what no other male wants to do: have sex.
How original.
In my head I see you riding my cock
so I don’t have to bat off into a sock
In my head, I reach down (reach down)
and find out your not only part man but part clown
My head you’ll be screamin (ohhh yeah)
then we have a 3-some with a polar bear

Where are THOSE lyrics, Jason? WHERE?!?! Jason wants to do is procreate. All over the fucking place. Do we need someone like him breeding and spawning children who will also flood the world with more already shitty music? Don’t try and sugarcoat wanting to fuck everything that moves.
After the chorus, the wheels are in motion and the cogs are turning at full speed. The woman wants to know more. Your emotions are just a game to Jason. Finding his way into your pants is just a game. And he doesn’t want to talk. He wants to show you. He is being a little forceful right now. And he wants to skip foreplay. That would be terribly uncomfortable if she is not moist? You still gunna be force your way until she is wet? ‘Cause that is fucked up. You could snap your banjo string. Or break the condom if you even bother wearing one, you filthy bastard. What happens if she is a virgin? I think a little foreplay goes a long way, Jason. You’re not very thoughtful with your provocative lyrics.
The breakdown section is nothing more than a bunch of awkward-worded noises. I would compare it to MC Hammer’s idea of a breakdown. Then rinse and repeat with already existing lyrics.

Then I move onto this video clip and now everything makes sense. Don’t you all see? He is reaching into his soul and pulling out cliched lyrics and generic music for the masses who clearly accept mediocrity as their preference in music.
Again, he starts the song off with his name. WHAT A GENIUS! I think every song I write has to start off with my name in it. It says, JR Rotem Presents…I think that was misspelt. Take the JR and replace it with an S.
He bangs on a door in the first 5 seconds of the video clip and I expected the lyrics to go something like, “FUCK, I locked myself out
no doubt
someone will let me in
this premise is wearing thin
when I call the locksmiths
I’ll get inside
And erase all the myths
Where the fuck are my keys?
I’m on my knees
Oh pretty please
Tell me their in my car somewhere
this isn’t fair”
He’s fucked up and now has seen the error of his ways. And he is singing this song just for you. Don’t you feel special? Out of the millions of people who have heard this song, this song applies to just you. No one else. Because you’re so special.

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The Googles Is Watching You

Privacy is a big fucking deal these days.
I don’t know why, though. All these companies are doing is knowing everything about you so they can provide the best service and sell you crap you don’t need. Why else would Google want to my masturbatory habits and what colour my excrement is? To sell me with stool hardners, stool softeners and 11 different lotions with 5 of those being variants of KY.
Now, I provided a entry on how to avoid Facebook’s privacy issues which none of you took. The suggestion was there but since you all have some obsession with being in touch with people you would never actually want talk to in real life, you let it slide.
That is fine. Don’t take my advice.

Cracked started off with 10 Survival Tips on how to get around Google’s knowledge of your existance and then proceeded to tell us 5 reasons on why we should be scared of Google. Everytime you type in something to search for in the Googles, it makes a fucking outrageous suggestion what you are looking for. They are frequently requested searches and on occasion are the most fucked up suggested searches I have seen suggested to me. Someone has seen something been requested and gone, “Mmm, man that is a good suggestion. How DO you get the ultimate orgasm from a hose?” And then forget what you were there for.

One of the regularly visited sites I go to, DownloadSquad like to deconstruct and pretty much tear Facebook a new one.
Simplified Privacy Settings of Facebook that most users overlook, Facebook taking over your browser, Fixing Privacy bugs in Facebook, Taking complex Privacy options and making them simple for most users to ignore,
Causing users to leave as Facebook continues to change its own rules to suit itself, Automatically opting-in to share personal information to everyone, Further Privacy Update Issues, Obtaining even more information about you through features which seem productive but ultimately unnecessary, Interestingly enough, Facebook Alerts [/url]Facebook having an app which imports contacts into its database, and even a little Facebook bashing by declaring Facebook causes Syphilis. OK, so the last thing is not only a little extreme but the most far fetched shit I have heard. Facebook doesn’t cause syphilis. People cause syphilis. I guess the precautionary tale is that if you meet a girl on Facebook, either wear a condom or get checked you dirty fucker. Unless you already copped a dose. In which case, I guess it is not really important then. Go for it.
I shutter to think of a time where Facebook accounts are mandatory when getting an Internet connection to use it. Much in the way that AOL used to have their own system and you would enter in your details to start using it.

AND THEN on top of that, the Government in Aus wants to push ISPs to record browsing history. I don’t know why the Government want to know why my questionable festishes or why 98% of users are just using Facebook to tell everyone their pointless opinion and uneventful their lives are.

What is that? Online privacy is no longer an issue?
Conglomerates no longer want to know about you?
They won’t try sneaky methods of getting as much information they can about you?

Don’t get me wrong.
All I am saying is that you need to be a little more careful about the information you provide out there on the internet. Quite honestly, I don’t think major companies really care about you. I mean, you are such a tiny insignificant cog in a machine so large, it would take millions of people just to maintain the information. If you didn’t exist, it’d be no skin off their capitalistic nose. They’d find someone else to market their shitty products to.

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Wait…MAC? Really?

http://www.downloads … nternet-connections/
I told her I was a fucking MAC when we started…now no one can see my boner. FUCK this water is cold.

I fucking hate Windows.
But Linux, before you get all high and mighty, you suck too.
And OSX? You’re so simple with your button click to do everything which is fine if you have an IQ the same as your age. Unless you are/were like Jeanne Calment. Or you are right into your web development/graphic designer shit. Windows fucking sucks at graphic designing. And don’t say Adobe’s CS3, 4, 5 in Windows is some sort of competition. I spend time at work supporting your shitty software. It might be ok if you’re fucking retarded OR your work only supports a limited 32bit OS. You have alternatives but Windows/Linux and OSX can still suck my scrote.
Anyway, this entry just goes on to say that Windows users are still living in a RAM-restrictive environment because most users still use 32bit Windows.
Which before Windows 7 was really the only option as you had XP 64bit which had shitty apps/drivers support, Vista was still chunky as fuck whether you had the 32bit or 64bit version and Windows 7 is STILL fucking massive compared to any other OS which is not Windows but vastly superior to any other Windows OS prior to it. I have yet to find an app which doesn’t work on it and is more slim than Vista. Again, not a terribly high bar set.
When you see Linux’s version of chunky (some of their distributions which are classed as heavy on system resources) is STILL only a fraction of system resources than Windows, you start to wonder what the fuck is under Windows’ hood to make it so fucking ridiculously large.
It makes mention of Mac users having faster Internet connections but that is all relative. Australian Mac users have faster internet connections? Than who? Those who live 1000kM away from the city and rely on dial up? Hardly. If you are talking about the American market, their slowest connection is still years ahead of anything we have here in Aus.
Plus, think of this: If you have the money to outlay for an expensive and over-priced piece of equipment, you can afford to outlay the internet connection.
What happened to the nerds of our generation who played games on computers and knew the ins and outs about getting the most out of their gaming experience? Does the extra memory really effect or benefit Mac users when Windows users generally have way better video cards?

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