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Don’t Date Him, Girl!

I found this site…somehow.
The origin isn’t important.
All I can say is I am lucky I am not those three dicks on the front page.
Can you imagine being one of them?
“I wonder why I’ve had a bad run with women in the last few weeks/months. Oh hey, there I am - there’s a picture of me! YEAH! Wait. What? What is this website? Don’t…date…him…girl? FUCK. How do I get my picture off there?”
Ha, sucker.

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Technology Cops a Strap On

Technology has both been a success story and a hindrance depending on several factors.
I can’t give a shit if you don’t like technology. For me, it both benefits me and as you can tell from previous posts, annoys the absolute shit out of me as companies try and sue each other and monopolize the industry with ego’s and controlling the market share so the high profit margin continues.
I like in a world of idealism in that sense. I wish MS would just give up their code so population can break it down, make it better and then offer an alternative for free which is what happens for most applications on the PC. Sorry for making this intro FAR TOO LONG.

Anyway, a couple of lists for you to read in your spare time:
* 25 Worst Tech Products of All Time
* 50 Best Tech Products of All Time
* 10 Worst PCs of All Time
Our first family computer was a Packard Bell 133mhz processor with 16mb of RAM (upgradable to 32mb). A technician who used to buy computers and computer parts from told me years later that Packard Bell’s were lemons and he wouldn’t touch one with a 10 foot pole. Ours never broke once. Except for all the times I removed important system files in a way to clean up the hard drive, completely ignorant to what I was actually doing and crashed Windows. The hardware worked perfectly fine for 7 or 8 years. Must of got lucky.
* 10 Dumbest Tech Products So Far
* 50 Greatest Gadgets of the Past 50 Years Yep, that time period should cover it.
* 10 Ugliest Products in Tech History
10 Ugliest Products spawns this link: http://hideapod.com/ as one giant joke. Pretty funny.
* 7 Worst Predictions
We all make bad predictions. I made one 10 years ago saying we [Australia] will have moved forward and we will all be T3 lines. Apart from the fact that only the US have T3 (we have E3), T3 is about 35mbps (3.5mb/sec) which I guess was a little extreme. Not in other countries - just Australia. I hope the NBN (National Broadband Network) can fuck Telstra up and unleash the hold Telstra has on the broadband situation we all have to live with. We have ADSL2 which has a maximum capacity of 2.5mb/sec (24mbps) and I have yet to meet anyone who has achieved that speed. I still sit on a 512kbit connection almost 10 years later.

Digital Music: Worth Buying Yet?
This was published in 2002. It is funny how very little the music companies’ views have changed since this report. They had no idea and they still really have only begrudgingly moved slightly. They are so bent on just suing everybody on aging p2p programs that people are moving away from. The only difference between then and now is the iTunes store and mp3.com going from a site which used to allow users to download unknown and unheard of bands’ music for free to a pay site for shitty music that 10 minutes to make and 30 minutes to produce an entire album. Hardly justifiable for the $30 they slog you for here in Australia. No wonder people are pirating the shit out of music. If music CDs were $10, you would have a highly competitive market (especially against iTunes store that charges $1 for 1 song on the assumption the whole album is actually worth a piece of shit which it won’t if it is in the pop genre) and people would buy more CDs. I am sure there is perfectly good reason as why they don’t do this. Ya know…apart from profiteering.
In the wake of torrenting, it might even come down to nothing but private, invite-only torrent websites. There are plenty now you can sign up for free without an invite but only offer a portion of free, open and more convenient sites.

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Welcome to Windows 7, Bitch

Ok, so I bought and installed Windows 7 on the weekend.
I thought it was time for a chance. Since XP is on death’s door and my work will eventually move to the platform or the platform that proceeds it, I should get a leg up and warm to it.

Well, I have had several days (including some sick days with an ear infection) to see how it is.
The install was suspiciously easy. With an XP install, you have create partitions and format the partitions which takes an hour on top of installing the new OS. The format took roughly 5-10 seconds. And then took about 40 mins to install which about the same amount of time of to install XP. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) when installing was easy on the eyes and easy to use.

The drivers were installed automatically. However, I don’t have any funky hardware to install weird drivers on but I manage to conjure up some Windows 7 specific drivers and installation was done easy. A friend had a wireless card that did not come with Windows 7 drivers and does not work in Windows 7. He might as well installed Linux. That is the sort of shit you are likely to see there and even then, there are still driver problems with old hardware. Don’t believe? Google it. “Why doesn’t my <piece of hardware> have Windows 7 drivers?” is everywhere.

This is where happy times became like New York traffic: starts and stops.
I played around with it for awhile. Very first thing I noticed was the taskbar. Can I change it? This is the dicussion I had with Windows 7:

“Can I please have the old XP bar back?”
“Yes, but it has been Window 7′ized.”
“What does that mean?”
“We have added extra functionality which you have to get used to.”
“Ya fuckin shittin me, right?”
“Can I turn off this extra functionality?”
“No. Welcome to Windows 7, bitch.”

I can turn it back to the gray, plain-Jane taskbar and look of yesteryear BUT I still have to deal with how the new taskbar works. This is something I can not turn off.

Oh good. I wanna modify the Start Menu. No classic? Oh, but there is a shitload of options tucked away in our new improved menu…but, still no easy to use classic that we’re all used to.
I want to manually add folders and modify the start menu. Wait…where is my \documents and settings\%username%\Start Menu folder gone? All I have is this users folder. And there is nothing in there that I can see to modify the start menu. What is that? I have to look harder?
C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
Oh good - easier to find.

For Vista users, this is the norm. This is the sort of shit that made Vista users take their own life.

So, Windows Explorer has a changed a little.
Can I strip it back to have a really simple look? No.
Can I turn anything off? No?
So, I have to have Favourites/Homegroup and Libraries? Well, if you google it, you can hack Windows 7 and turn it off with Registry hacks.

If your Windows 7 is being retarded and your getting Windows is Not Genuine message, uninstall the update KB971033. If it is not in your list, google that shit. It happened to me and I fucking bought my copy.

What I have neglected to mention is whenever I am in Pidgin, it stops responding. I thought it was Pidgin and I would have to install shitty MSN messenger because I never noticed it any other program. It’s not filled with shit but it is a little nicer to look at then Miranda’s basic but dull interface. For the rest of this resolution to this problem, keep in mind I have a 10 year old keyboard which is PS/2. I am happy to continue using it and I am not a gamer so I don’t care for the latest and greatest. Plus, I am happy with it and don’t really wanna move from it and shell out the $18 for a new one.
It turns out that this is not a problem with Pidgin but Windows 7 - SURPRISE! ANOTHER FEATURE! YAY!
You will find its solution here. It says in this article that it only happens when you upgrade from Vista to windows 7, but the exact same thing happened to me and the fix they provide also fixed up the problem (not entirely but for the most part, the symptoms are gone).

Being Windows, I am somewhat suspicious how much memory the GUI is actually taking up. It looks nice that is great but if History is anything to by, it is usually at the expense of something. Generally all of your system resources. I have been reading A LOT of blogs and people are super critical. You might think I am being super critical, but man, you should check out what others like this, and this, and this, and this, etc.

What is fucking retarded is the general population are either nit picking or just hating on MS as a company rather than the software they create. We all hate the fact they monopolize the operating system industry. Now I am not supporting MS in any way because a few things I mentioned previously still ring true and they are not big asks. What I oppose is being forced to buy Windows 7 because there are no suitable alternatives. Linux is only an alternative if you have any interest in learning Linux or you’re not a gamer. If you are a gamer, then Windows is your only solution. Good luck to those trying to make a hybrid.

Not like Apple are any better or anymore trustworthy. Companies are like the American Government. It really is the lesser of two evils.

Thanks to Tim for this link about God Mode:

This shouldn’t be a hidden option. God Mode as shown in the video gives you access to shit loads of options. The only problem is these options are either found elsewhere in the Operating system already OR should really be options that should be easy enough to find without the need to know this hack.

Other than these pressing issues, and the fact that any internal hard drive for some reason seems to be slow to access than XP, Windows 7 seems to be ok. Don’t think I will be touching Office 2010 anytime soon.
Plus, I don’t have a need to use any office suite at home when I have this instead.

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Chick Flicks Cop 2 Inches

Or if your Boggs, “Dramas”.
Anyway, in the last say, 10 years, there seems to be far more than any other genre. I can only assume this is because they are cheap to make or scripts are $100 to purchase from starving script-writers (with the empty promise of more money) and they have a good return on investment.
I put together a short list which not only encapsulates the Chick Flick genre, but just goes to show that your regular audience (female or not) will eat up just about any cliche-ridden piece of shit film instead of watching something both interesting and a little outside of the box.

Back Up Plan
This movie is about settling the fuck down and taking a tonne of chill pills so women’s biological clock doesn’t get out of hand. Surprisingly enough, it has a happy ending. Oh, I’ve never seen it but that is how they all end. Prove me wrong.
Letters To Juliet
OMG! She sets off to find her old flame. But will she find her? Yes, she does. Happy ending. No she doesn’t, but it is equally romantic idealistic memory will last with her forever. This shit writes itself.
When In Rome
Kristen Bell is kinda hot but has this facial expression which scares me. And that facial expression is one of 3 expressions she has in her range of expressions - happy, confused (which is often mistaken for sad) and fucking scary. This is the first movie I know of that makes me like Will Arnett a little less. Someone has to go New York, Italy or France to encapsulate a romantic vibe to the movie. Can’t it be possibly set in a less stereotype area of the world? Like Dachau? Or Chernobyl? No, because that would force the writers to dig a little deeper for more intelligent and romantic things to say.
Valentine’s Day
So crammed with characters, there isn’t a single character interesting enough to hold our attention for the full hour and a half or even half the characters. So they have to fill it with celebs in order to get someone to fucking show up to the cinemas with their boyfriend or husband who expects to get laid after sitting through 1.5 hours of generic nonsense.
Dear John
Man, this looks filth. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and only makes them yearn for each other even harder. Which is fine except this movie only deals with that. What happens when they have been together 30 years and all the ideals never happened because Channing never rugged up, knocked her up because Seyfried forgot the pill and have been financial debt for their life time and couldn’t afford to continue the romance.
Bride Wars
It is probably my strange take on the world, but I can’t imagine too many men going, “A movie about two bitches going at it over a wedding? That sounds like a great idea.”
Then watching it and going, “My only complaint with that film is it was too short. They could have made that competition at least another hour and a half of shitting on each other. Easy.”
My Life In Ruins
She has lost her mojo. This is commonly called womanhood. No need to fucking make ANYONE sit through this, bitch.
My Sisters Keeper
At least this one ends on such a depressing note, you are likely to end up on the news.
Ugly Truth
Women think emotionally, men think with their cocks. This is not new. They work it out and the relationship succeeds. The end.
Sex and the City: The Movie
The TV show was hard enough to sit through. It’s not really sex and there were shots of the city so I guess that might half true. They should call it pseudo-sex and the city.
No Reservations
It’s a double entendre for not having a table AND coming to a date with no expectations. Wow, genius.
Meet Bill
Let’s not. By the time you become someone who is not apart of the scenery, we still don’t care about your relationships or well…anything that happens in your pathetic life. Even Patton Oswalt from Big Fan is less pathetic and that was intentional.
Swept Away
Ok, I have actually sat through some of this. Not all of it. It got to a stage of absolute intolerable bullshit. This movie is as bad as they say it is. Madonna can’t act is the main complaint on top of such a boring story. It certainly does not complement Guy Ritchie’s resume.
Love Happens
A self-help guy and some chick. Find each other. According to Margaret Pomeranz (critic), they don’t even focus on the potentially interesting part of the self-help guy. They were too busy on dull storyline. Plus, let’s be realistic here for just a second - Jennifer Aniston swearing off men? I highly doubt that. Her vagina has seen more action than a Jason Statham film.
Love ‘N’ Dancing
I like Jazz. Could be its own saving grace. But I doubt it.
I Hate Valentines Day
Even though I have a hatred for run-of-the-mill films, that does not mean I hate Valentines day. My wife and I agree to do something small where she feels special and I feel something in my pants. A win/win situation. Which sounds more appealing than this sour protagonist.
He’s Just Not That Into You
I have such a no-bullshit approach to relationships. I am not saying it works 100% but it would certainly cut out all the mystique and hypothetical questions that plague movies like this. Will he? Won’t he? Give him 3 days. After that, find someone else who is nicer, more compatible and better looking. Can’t women accept that he doesn’t think you’re hot enough to stay with his whole life? Men are as shallow as they come. If you’re not much to look at, better hope you find a guy who is equally as ugly or sees something in you that no one else does.
Failure to Launch
I am sure there has to be other people out there who think Sarah Jessica Parker is both odd to look at and fugly. Regardless on how second rate Matthew McConaughey is, he is far better looking than you with your unrealistic expectation of men attitude, Sarah. Can’t go too wrong with Kathy Bates, although everything else about this begs to differ. I am hoping for at least one well-executed double entendre.
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
If you use women, they will not have a terribly positive memory of your existence. But no, he finds his way and finds “the one” in his path. Saved you 1.5 hours of sitting through.
Did you Hear About the Morgans?
Yes, I did. I heard they were forced into some sort of relationship, didn’t get along and now after going through some done-a-million-times-before scenarios, they are now together and having a million babies.
Answer Man
Some fucked up people go searching for an author who wrote a book 20 years ago that has incredible insight and depth. They find out that their answers were in front of them all along. Sound fucking familiar?
Fools Gold
Fools gold is exactly what this is. You think you have a good film on your hands, well guess again. It’s a lemon. Worth absolutely nothing. Unless you do not put a price on your time.
New In Town
She is RenĂ©e Zellweger. I’d do her in a second. This not only makes me sad in pants but attractiveness is hardly the reason why you sit through 1.5 hours of them doing a routine story.
The Proposal
While Sandra Bullock is plain Jane, she is also smokin hot. This is another one for the pile.
People went fucking spastic over this movie ten times over and women the world over thought the protagonists were hot. Somehow being a vampire is sexy. The only thing this movie proves is back in the day, vampires used to suck blood. Now all they do is suck dick. Fucks me if I can see the appeal. I wish I could even explain the mentality behind this as vampires are the new wave of fashion (mix by Regurgitator). I guess people have poor taste in both film AND men.
Twilight: New Moon
This according to RT is worse than the first. I never saw the first movie and by logic this is worse, I can only imagine it gets better from here. Well, think of it this way - once you hit the bottom of the barrel, you can only go north. I could be eating my very words in a month or so when the new movie comes out, I see the 2 minute preview and forming a completely accurate opinion on the next film deeming it somehow worse than this film is. You don’t have to be a genius to realise how shit this film is going to be without seeing the film or even the previews.

Please keep in mind I have not seen any of these (except where specified) so if you have, leave a comment so I can mock your taste.

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2 Hot Girls In a Shower

Don’t worry, it’s safe for work.
It just might get a little weird when you pop your dick out at your workstation when everyone is there and start beating it like it has a mind of its own.

I guess the biggest question, is why aren’t these two making out?
Sweet Jesus. I’d almost pay to see that.

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TV’s Cop 2 Inches

Well, it is coming to that time where the TV we bought a few years ago is slowlybecoming superseded. And by “superseded” I mean “old enough to be in a museum along with your Nana” or “older than time itself”. Ya know when you were a kid and you’d argue with someone:

“Nah uh.”
“Yea eah.”
“Nah uh times two.”
“Yea eah times 10.”
“Nah uh times 100.”
“Yea eah times 1000.”
“Nah uh times a million.”
“Yea eah times seventy million.”
“Nah uh times infinity!”
“Yea eah times infinity times two.”
“Nah uh times infinity times infinity.”

Well, my TV is so old, it IS infinity times infinity.

So you have to ask yourself a question: “Plasmamama? Or LCD?”
Well, Panasonic are quite happy to sell you either. So are Samsung and so are Sony.
Plasma has better blacks but is more power-hungry, ghosting, glare from the screen and has burn in.
LCD doesn’t have any of those. But I have been told colours don’t come out as well and there is pixelation in fast action scenes. I am sure with the amount of time it has taken for technology to improve since most of these articles were written (regardless on how popular they are in the googles) and most of these issues have either been overcome or drastically improved.

The problem is technology is advancing so much, that you can have a USB stick or hard drive attachment to some of the newer TVs to entice the buyer with additional crap. At least this time around, it is something actually worth taking into consideration.
If you google, “Which is better Plasma or LCD?”, it only confuses me further. Apart from a shameless APC article which promotes the Panasonic brand or this one. I still have fanboy’s on both sides of the line pulling on each arm. And to those guys I say, “Boys boys boys…don’t tug on my arms. Tug on my leg. My middle leg.” And then we all give each other high fives with the follow through mandatory slap on the arse. Ya know…like REAL men.

1080p? or 1080i?
This part is simple for me. P stands for progressive. I stands for Interlace.
Progressive is the way to go.

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Spokeo Cops 2 Inches

I don’t know how long it will be for this website to be taken down but ultimately what it does is searches for you by a number of means and provides basic information. And then for a small nominal fee, you can buy the information on anyone in the planet. The thing is, I can’t buy the information they have on me. Surely, I’d have the right to my own information hosted on a database somewhere, right?
I think this site won’t be up for too long before having the arse out of it sued for privacy issues. Or maybe they pull a really great Facebook trick - “Privacy law? What privacy law? And erm…please accept these terms and conditions which allows us to post your information anywhere to whomever we like. Thanks.”
If you have ever had a reason to be scared about the sort of information that is out there about you, now is the time.

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Flavor In Love

As you all know, I am a massive fan of reality TV shows. Number 1 fan.
So it was only natural that I spend all my time on MTV. /end sarcasm.
Back in the 80s when fashion is now only an embarrassing memory and the foundation for an equally embarrasing Fox off-shoot to the popular, that 70s show, MTV actually had music on it and it stood for music television. Genuis, right? An absolutely revolution. The very first music video clip to be played was, “Video Killed the Radio Star” by Buggles who was Trevor Horn and some other dude in the background. No real point to that. Just some handy facts for dinner or cocktail parties.

Most of you should be aware but if you are like me and live in either Utah or a cave, what you will also find on MTV is Flavor Flav’s reality TV show.

Have you SEEN this show? Here is the low down: Of the 45mins air time, you have 38 minutes of women bitching, backstabbing and all sorts of shenanigans. Then you have like 6 minutes of Flav’s tellin-it-like-it-is in the most fucking surreal way possible. For the uninitiated, Flavor Flav is from Public Enemy and I have yet to see him without a huge fucking clock around his neck.
I do question though that is it really flavor of love? I mean if it has lasted 3 seasons, it seems like every one has had a taste of the Flavor but no one can hold on to this womaniser. It’s just a show to find Flavor Flav some more whores who want some TV time so he can bang them. I can simply not get over Flavor Flav and how he describes things. It is more insane than Charlie Murphy on Dave Chapelle Show.

Not to mention he is ugly. One REAL ugly motherfucker. Lucky he came up with that thing he did for Public Enemy.

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