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http://www.downloads … conn-suicide-pledge/
Believe it or not, people who work for Apple, kill themselves.
What I like about this story the most is that workers at FoxConn are now being asked to sign a pledge promising “never to hurt themselves or others in an extreme manner.
What kind of fucked up working conditions do these live in that are so bad, they are prepared to kill themselves? If you think your work is bad, think about this: Is it THAT bad you will kill yourself over it?
If the answer is yes, maybe you should consider employment elsewhere.

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Hack the Mainframe with a Gibson, Pt. 1

Instead of syphoning through loads of pages, I offer up links to things that matter.
Or things that don’t matter.
The important thing is I provide you links.
Or words formed into a structure that could be understood by most.
Or some. Or few. Or rather letters put together to form words which be interpreted by another.
Oh shit, did it just start raining?

Being in IT, I try my hardest to find the best possible software solutions so I don’t end up killing myself trying to support Windows.
I found BurstCopy which copies a file from one parition to another alot quicker than shitty ol’ Windows can. It now gets to a stage where you can only laugh at how free 3rd party software is replacing actual components in Windows because clearly MS can’t get their shit straight.
I dunno how legal this piece of software is but it scans for wireless networks and gives you real-time information about them. Doing drive-by’s now have a new meaning. Grab my laptop and let’s for a drive…
It says it has GPS support for logging and mapping signal strength. Ya know, in case you need know where to go for a few hours to tap unsecured networks. I bet in the movie, Independance Day with Will Smith playing the ever-believable person who will save us all, how they uploaded the virus is the aliens forgot to secure their wireless network.
I don’t know how relevant this would be if you knew how to properly search google, but there is a program you can download called Google Hacks
If you never make ZIP or RAR files but find yourself constantly downloading them and need a program, look no further - Universal Extractor!YAY!
I am pretty sure the last time I ever needed to zip or rar anything was back in 1999 to put it onto floppy disk. Most files these days usually come in their most compressed format, anyway. Or go out and spend $50 and buy a 500gb hard drive to stash your large files on instead of spending $50 for 100 blank DVDs. But somebody has got to be doing it or else I wouldn’t need this program at all.

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HAW Fucking HAW

I found some great jokes. So great in fact, they were TOO great NOT to share with you.
And by great, I mean fucking woeful.

Two Antennas got married - the wedding was lousy, but the reception was outstanding.

Two atoms are walking down the street, and one says to the other, “Wait, wait, we have to go back. I’ve lost an electron somewhere.”
The second atom says, “Really? Are you sure?”
To which the first atom replies, “Yes. I’m positive.”

5 year old: “Mom, can I sleep with jumper cables under my pillow?”
Mom: “Ok, but you have to promise not to start anything.”

The red wire said to the black wire “Why are you so sad?”
The black wire replied “I’ve been grounded.”

Little motor: “Grandpa, why do you have 4 wires and I only have two?”
Big motor: “That’s just a phase that’s going through you.”

There was the engineer that was putting sea water in his batteries without the boss knowing. He was arrested for salt-in-battery. Even though the charge wouldn’t hold up, he is sitting in his cell serving two current sentences.

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Now that I have your attention, I have two small links to show:

Online virtual drum machine:
(Requires Java).

Building Blast 2
Which is more addictive than Meth.
But not as addictive than Tetris, just to put it into perspective.

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Online Storage

I get regular emails from all my loyal reader and those who have subscribed to my RSS accidentally and forgot to (or don’t know how to) unsubscribe.
These emails usually say, “How do I get rid of this RSS thing? It keeps showing me some listy-things from some retards site who thinks he’s funny and informative. I could find any of the topics he talks about on his site with a simple Google search.”

So I have like a 100 links I wanna post without just putting them in one big list and you to pilfer through, I would offer some words in between. I’ll start with online storage. If you thought Torrents were gunna fuck copyright laws and whatnot, Online Storage sites are gunna fuck it even harder. Copyright laws by the end of this will have a gaping hole where its arsehole used to be. You can hear wind flapping the loose like-vagina-lips pieces of skin, it is gunna be fucked so hard. They will no longer be able to sit down without the aid of one of those inflatable arse rings Charlie had to sit on in Two and a Half Men.
Do any of these corporations realise it is now an epidemic of piracy out there? I love this so much not because of idea you’re stealing something from major companies but this is another story for the little guy. Companies whinge and complain that we’re taking precious dollars away from future movies and music. I don’t understand how major music labels would effect me and DIY bands I listen to but when Avatar made $42m in the first weekend of showing and then made a total $504.9 at the box office, it just shows you that maybe people are pirating this shit because that is exactly what it is - shit. People will download what is not really worth going to see. And there is tonnes of fucking shit. Instead of blaming pirates, these movie companies should be having a hard fucking look in the mirror, take a gun and make a movie out of that. Plus, it is not hurting them so much that they won’t throw another 100 shitty films down our throat before they come across another movie that might make a huge profit at the cinemas. Even with 37-42inch TVs becoming standard, people prefer to go out and watch movies, still.

Anyway, with all of these websites, a simple renaming of a file and you can get away with just about anything that isn’t a copy of Windows XP/Vista or 7 (seems like). Hotmail is boosting their attachments to 50MB which is just another method of sending and stashing large files. Then you have other popular sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile, XDrive, ADrive, MS’ Skydrive and Wuala. The only difference is Torrenting is a free service most of these also offer a limited free service. And then if you pay a yearly fee (which when you break it down is hardly anything but people are not interested in paying an additional $80-$100 a year on top of their broadband), you can rape the shit out of these sites with the aid of a search function and a download manager. Best part? It ALL looks web traffic and not p2p traffic which is blocked by some ISPs or will eventually blocked by others.

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Pacman: I Fucking Love You

It’s probably too late by the time you get this but if you go to Google homepage, they have Pacman you can PLAY! It was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iconic game.

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The Last Fucking Laugh

I am gullible. Add being a tad slow into the mix, and you have Bamercize.
I saw this ad:

The first part of the ad was standard shit I don’t care about. Yes, it cleans. I am happy for you. I mean, why would you sell me a product that wouldn’t do what its sole purpose is?
Anyway, I saw the second part and thought Bamercize ACTUALLY existed and almost fucking wet myself in anticipation of writing an entry about such a thing.
Anyway, the ad agency won this time and got the last laugh. But next time you fuckers slip up, my website will be here to mock your every move.
http://uncyclopedia. … a.com/wiki/Bamercize

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Midnight Spesh

I may be young in age, but my tastes in music suggests otherwise. I’d like to think it was a wise soul in young body but then I may be thought to be conceded. Anyway, there was a whole tonne of artists back in the 70s that was on this show - Burt Sugarman’s Midnight Special. I have hand-picked my favourite songs from the bunch. I already did, “Rubberband Man” by the Spinners which would have made it here again but, I try and keep the content fresh.

Fuck this song is so good. And what is better than the 4 minute studio cut? A 10 minute rendition. If bands and artists these days were even half as good as this group was, maybe I’d pay more attention than just sitting through endless shitty artists who all produce a #1 hit, live off that for 15 or so minutes and then never hear from them again. This is equally as impressive as Focus’, “Hocus Pocus” which I posted on here sometime ago and the Spinners’, “Rubberband Man”.

America probably had more hits but the only three major songs I knew from them were, “Horse with No Name” (everybody knows that song), “Sister Golden Hair” and “You Can Do Magic”. This is not their best song but it is still an excellent song none-the-same.

This is both a good song and an ironic introduction to the band. Jose Feliciano says, “…I gotta a feeling about that we’re going to hear a few more Stories in the months to come…”
No, you won’t. This was their only hit. Shame, really. Unique vocals which is fantastic. You NEVER see unique vocals these days and if you do, they are usually painted over the top of some extremely disappointing generic poppy shit.

Everybody knows this song. Somewhat lacking rendition. Still a good song.

You’re welcome.

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