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Review: Blowhard - Who’s the Maggot? EP

Since this is a review, you are to expect some kind of bias. But here is the kicker - I am a man who loves his ska. And since I am extremely hard pressed to find some new ska that doesn’t suck (or even just some new ska full stop), I have a tendency to appreciate ska a little more than just about any other genre. Not to mention the amount of effort required to put together a band, and then have to add a horn section. Having said that, you don’t always have to have a horn section for ska. But it certainly adds to it.
Imagine if, “the Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats had musical sex with, “Brown Sugar” by the Rolling Stones and any song from Simon and Garfunkel’s entire discography and you probably have an interesting sound but whatever that may be, it is certainly not Blowhard. But it is ultimately ska-punk/skacore to the absolute definition. Bands like Catch 22, Capdown, Streetlight Manifesto, Treephort, early Hippos, early Against All Authority and Big D and the Kids Table are all similar examples of what you’re likely to expect.
When I first heard this EP many years ago, it was a good EP. And many years later, nothing has changed. What you have to take into consideration is by the time they had put this EP out, they were 10 years old. So you would expect that they were tight, functioning band as they would not have lasted the distance if they weren’t. Whereas with some of the bands I have reviewed in the past have not even made it this far. So I rate everything in perspective - what would I expect from a band that has lasted this long? They’ve either been sucking for 10 years and don’t know when to quit or they’ve just been a great hard working band which keeps them afloat. Maybe they have had a change in direction? Unfortunately, like most bands that last 10 years Blowhard have so many line-up changes which could definately impact upon the band and performance both on the CD and live. However, Rollo and Co. do not let shit like that get in the way. They sound great but let’s have a small break down of the EP.
The first song sounds like something I would expect either from a Dick Tracy movie or a 60s Batman film. Don’t me wrong, it is a good song about inebriation and a great start, but they are only warming up.
Second song - “Tulley and Ren” which I heard originally on a local Brisbane band compilation put together by the radio station ZZZ is my favourite track off the EP and definately the highlight. Although, it is surrounded by two really good songs (”Big One” and “Who’s the Maggot?”).
But this is where the praise almost stops. What I noticed with this EP is the first third of the EP (track 1-3) is stronger than rock nuts and is perhaps some of the best tracks Blowhard have ever done. The next song is definately the weakest on the EP and quite disappointing. Some song about poo but is redeemed by its following track, “Shutterdown”. The common theme here is consuming alcohol and just having fun (pissed or not) and to me, that is really what ska is about. Don’t expect dark, brooding, deeply introspective song about how life is. You want something you can put on your fashionably untrendy bowling shoes and go skanking. Man, I miss those days. I was never one for a trend as I was always behind in getting into ska (just getting into as the trend started moving to the fucking aweful emo/screamo/new wave hardcore genres). “Bullshit” is the second worst song off the EP and I am rather indifferent about, “Herbal Boy”.
Here is the low down, if you are fan you are gunna love this EP. If you love ska, you’re gunna love this EP. If you’ve never heard the band before (they’ve been around 20 years but whatever), then check “Tulley and Ren”. If that does not take your fancy, you probably have bad taste in music with your Jay-Z and Eminem and there is no hope for you. Oh, that and you won’t like the rest of the EP. Those who like a bit of harmless fun with some great tunes about getting blitz without talking about feelings (which I am so fucking sick of), this is for you. This EP would get a higher score except Blowhard have an album which is better than this (remember: in perspective) and there are some weak songs on this EP despite it being mostly a pretty great EP overall.

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