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Made in China


I’ll make this brief. I like to venture out of the hood every now and again. I found out it uses IE rendering engine which is a bad thing. But runs faster than IE. And it’s popular in China. It has a tonne of skins and is customisable with tonne of really good features. As I found out, it has very little support but contains no spyware/malware…etc.

A lot of an if’s and but’s but it has a much better feel than IE.

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DropRecord? Or DropZone?


I previously mentioned filetube.com and I found another one just like it.
It uses/searches multiple file-hosting websites to try and track down files for you which someone might have already uploaded to a sites like Megaupload, Zshare, Mediafire and Sendspace.

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New Office

http://www.maximumpc … till_work_windows_xp

“Microsoft Business Division Chief Stephen Elop announced a free / ad supported version which they hope will help combat piracy. According to Elop, “There’s an opportunity to draw those pirate customers into the revenue stream. We want to draw them into the Windows family and maybe there’s an upsell opportunity later”.”

Not only has Microsoft done made a mint in selling their operating system but in the process have also done something you would think surely they would have anticipated: software developers have created pieces of software to run on the most popular computer operating system which are free. And in most cases are better than costly counterparts. You can find a free piece of software that does just about everything. Including a free torrenting program which allows for downloading well…anything which would normally cost a user. Including Windows itself. Which is what they’re trying to avoid. Not that I condone that sort of behaviour.

For those who are unaware, if you do not like the idea of paying for Office, Sun Microsystems (who also make Java) made OpenOffice.org. It’s non-profit and it looks and feels like good ol’ Office 2003. So those that believe that the new interface to the Office 2007 range is retarded (yes, you get used it - I know), then OpenOffice.org is for you. And it is also lightweight with excellent online support. So far I have yet to hear any downside. It also supports MS Office 2007 format AND it does not need/require ads. If you can’t beat them, join them. You could frig around with OEM and bloatware and all sorts of shit MS throw at you OR…you could use this product which seems to be all over better.

Which makes Microsoft attempt at making people buy their software look pretty fuckin shit house.

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Warrior of the Net


This is an introduction to networking and the internet.
Narration is annoying. I think I prefer narration by Agro, personally.

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Agro Gets a Look In

I was talking to Boggs and somehow Agro (from cartoon connection) came up.
Which brought me to this:

Classic. No further words required.
The end.

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I can’t make you all go to other websites.
Especially if they are blogs like mine. And if they’re not as good. I am just apprecitive that I have the small audience I have (even if that means abusing you all every once in awhile to keep you all on your toes). Generally speaking I find blogs just a reassuring reminder that no one gives a shit what you have to say. Except if you’re Maddox.

So, here is the setup: Tim (with whom I work with) has a blog. He went and saw Transformers, loved it and blogged it. I have not seen the second one but I have seen the first one. And I do not share the same love as Tim does. As nice a guy Tim is (and a regular viewer of my site), we don’t entirely see eye to eye on some things. This being one of them.


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Best Mans Speech

For those that don’t know, I am getting married next month.
And my best Man is going Best Man Speech crazy on me. He went to http://www.thebestmanspeech.com/ and found nothing. Mostly generic, mediocre rants which would be the equivelant of an interview from a football player after the game; there is nothing revelatory. “Uh…yeah…it was tough. And the defence was good but…at the end of the day, we came out on top and the team are happy with the result.” Which surprises me. Because I would have thought any sport which requires that much phsyical exertion would be easy. Would a football player be ballsy enough to declare their opposition had shit house defence? And I am pretty sure the team would be happy with the result whether it be good OR bad. Right?

He wanted something that will blow the crowd away. Something that will stand the test of time. Something that will make the crowd stand and applaud. He has the worst case of writers constipation I have seen since the end of this sentence. We’ve been friends now for 12(+?) years now and spent many good times together. NONE of which are worthy of telling an audience (Grandparents included) no matter how great the story is. As most of the hilarity in which all of our humour is based upon in-jokes, it would be next to impossible to make a joke that any one would actually get. So he is stuck in a hard place. He visits this website on a regular SO I thought I might as well make an entry out of by helping a brudda out which I know he will appreciate:

I have known Ben for about 12 years. I have known Sonja for about 3 of those years. Sonja makes Ben happy in ways that I am sure I never could. I am sure you don’t need me to draw a picture for you but for those who DO want pics, come and see me after this. The pictures are a little shady but you can just make out those involved.
I first met Ben in high school. He was a juvenile who found jokes about farts and shits funny in ways that words never could. Nothing has changed. Why, just the other day we shared a moment in which Ben created a dutch oven so strong that even outside, we were suffocating and questioned whether Ben had left something in the trou department that may raise a few eyebrows. We have been through a lot from drinking Rum together to drinking beer and bourbon together. From Eminem to Jay-Z. From Glen or Glenda to Coffee and Cigarettes. We’ve done it all - from KKND to Guitar Hero. From Windows 95 to Windows Vista. From spooning to reach arounds.
Ben has supported me through friendship and a classic case of blue balls with his infamous collection of porn. I was like a kid in a candy store. Except I’m a grown adult who is looking for something to beat my dick to. And if ANYONE knows suitable material, it would be Ben. I’m glad Ben found someone like Sonja because I know his history with women and the record was not great. At his rate, he’d be beating his dick like it owes him money for a long time coming.
His taste in music is second to none and has introduced me to bands that I now listen to regulary like Modest Mouse and the like. His taste in movies is also along the same lines. We’d drink boggs beer, watch movies and then hold each other.
And nerds? Oh how we would laugh.
And yeah…Sonja is alright.
Anyway, I wish them both the happiness they deserve.

And Best Man? You’re welcome. All I can say is I hope to FUCK yours is better than mine.

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If you want to remove old versions of Java, they have a program for that.
If you want to remove files from your computer that other mainstream cleaning programs tend to oversee, they have a program for that.
And they have a program that gives you the level of the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of your (next) cell phone/mobile phone.

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