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Music Review: Eminem - Relapse


I’m surprised I have never yet shared my thoughts on Eminem. He has a new album out.

I have very little time and sympathy for someone like Eminem. He’s a white boy doing rap like Vanilla Ice, except Vanilla Ice did it better with less street cred.

You either love him or you’ve tried to run him over with you car. Don’t worry, he gets it all the time. His music was supposed to shock and amaze which the kids ate up like pigs at a trough. Either you share your complete dysfunction, paranoia, lack of humor and disdain for the world that Eminem has. If you buy into the whole I-am-a-kid-from-the-streets-and-no-one-understands-me bullshit like so many other offensive artists before him have done, then you will love Eminem. The kids go, “No one understands him…just like no one understands me.” Yes, we get it - and no, you’re not misunderstood. No one likes you because you’re a dick. The critics said, “He [Eminem] creates a world like no other..” or “Forces the user into his own unique world…” has anyone ever thought there was a reason for that? Who wants to hear fucked up shit like that? I guess there is a massive market for it where the critics enjoy a bit of controversialism. He has this ability to take things too far and then play it off like some kind of joke. Then critics call this humor.

Eg. “I’m gunna kill your family. Cut, slice and dice your family into portions like KFC do to chicken. Simmer them in a blood sauce, and have no remorse. Burn your dog alive and then piss on the ashes. Then eat your family (and your dogs ashes) with a nice range of ‘erbs including , rosemary, thyme and weed; I’ll make sure they bleed. I am going to murder my girlfriend, put her in a body bag then into the boot of my car and drive my car into a large body of water where she will never be found. Just kidding - Ha.”

Except not as good as that.

He has been into hard drugs which acts as a method of self-pity to get through the emotional pain, but where I think he is going wrong is he is not doing hard enough drugs. Or he is not doing them frequently enough. ‘Cause he’s still alive. If this douche never existed, it would be one less thing I would take the piss on. His album ended up in the “1001 Albums You must listen to before you die”. Clearly a typo or misprint. Even allmusic thinks his first two LPs were of some worth. The world has it wrong. But if you feel compelled or have an unnatural curiosity, see what allmusic had to say.

The only relapse here is releasing more shit albums.

1_star.gif Consider this 1 star, really, one too many.

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Music Review: Taking Back Sunday - New Again


I dunno what happened. The emo explosion happened circa 1999/2000 and TBS were at the forfront. I mean sure, they were no Sunny Day Real Estate. But you had bands like Thursday, Thrice or My Chemical Romance who were the initial bands who rode the wave of fashion and these guys release an EP at that time. They followed up in 2002 with the hugely popular album, “Tell All Your Friends”. They’ve done 2 albums since which are both limiting and uninspiring. I mean, it is no William Hung album. But you could never fool me again into hearing one or two tracks from both albums to confirm they indeed still suck.

Their new album is due next Tuesday. I am not happy or excited about it. But I can imagine the kind of scene kid who would turn up to a gig of theirs, hang around for awhile to be seen and then disappear after a song or two has been played. They’re out there. I am making a prediction that it was suck harder than a 1200w vacuum on my dick.

If you have an ugly urge, I would suggest masturbation. But failing that, you can see what allmusic has to say about it.

1_star.gif Crap.

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Terminator 6: The Bludgeoning


There are sequels by movies that do not deserve it:
Eg. A Night at the Museum, Sister Act, Big Mommas House, Scary Movie…etc.

There are sequels by movies that DO deserve it but failed (compared to its original film):
Eg. Mad Max, The Matrix…etc.

And sometimes, there is no extension on the original film. They simply redo it:
Eg. Nutty Professor, Psycho…etc.

Rarely the sequels are better than the originals. But the Terminator was different. The first one was good (not great, just good) and second one made everyone in the first four rows in the cinema, premature ejaculate; it indeed was a classic.

Then they released Terminator 3. It was ok, but certainly no T2. RT said it was 70% but I wouldn’t rate it that high. At least this one had Arnold Schwarzenegger. That was part of the charm. No matter how good Christian Bale is and how in depth into his characters he gets, there is simply no substitute. Strangely (and certainly by accident), I can not think of a movie I have seen with Christian Bale in it.

But how long do you think they are going to milk this fucker? I am sure the masses will go and see this film with generally positive reviews. As long as the mainstream forks out cash over fist to see every movie made in the Terminator series, I am predicting Terminator 6: The Bludgeoning. It will involve blunt instruments used as weapons to defeat the Skynet. BUT here is the catch, the Terminator doesn’t actually show up until the end of the film (through time of course as this is the easiest way to explain why he has been absent all this time). Most of the film is Edward Furlong and Linda Hamilton running from the cops Thelma and Louise-style. And it is Arnie and he is dead (by this stage - died from old age). He is hanging by wires weekend-at-bernies-style. And he blows away the entire skynet away (Team America-style) with an action-packed ending when we find out (and here is an additional twist NO ONE saw coming), Terminator clones. 100s of them. The Terminator had babies and spawned just 100s of these fuckers. So that one fucker in T2 (Robert Patrick) has no chance. There will be very little story, lots of action so there will be PLENTY for the critics to hate about this movie.

This will be better than T5: The Virus…ing. The whole film will be Arnie (70 and carrying around a colostomy bag, tied to the back of his motorcycle) riding towards skynet. And getting into skynet by a few formulated ways like dressing like the guards, sneaking past the guards in army uniform or simply blowing them away. And then uploading a virus into Skynet to wipe it all out Independant Day-style only to find at the end of the movie they used an anti-virus which cleaned the virus they uploaded and all that hard work. It will be anti-climax but will leave room for the 6th and final movie in the series.


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Music Review: Marilyn Manson - The High End of Low


This clown has a new album. Credibility is clearly not an important aspect of Marilyn’s work because if it were, for starters he would have come up with a better pseudonym. He’s been around since 1989 and in the intial instance, he was scary. Scary in the sense that you watch something with a lot of suspense and then someone comes out and, “ARGH!” and you shit your pants six ways from Sunday. And then you get over it. Much like Manson, really. Each year since his conception, he has become less scary and more weirdo with a tonne of Mummy issues who can’t really get over himself.

His previous album demonstrated how to go from somewhat of a scary freak to giant cry baby and cover it up by his weirdness. The kids still ate it up. Especially in the wake of emo. They dressed like wanna be Goths, anyway so it seemed to have fit a mold. They still reminisce about how good he used to be and pretend his new album is just like his old stuff. The lyrical content was embarrassing and this next album is no different. It was like he was trying to cover up his giant blubbering vagina from his previous album.
It is like a crying boy in the playground who got picked and is crying but he makes one last shout to prove he is still has a pair but clearly that moment has passed no matter what happens from here, there is no saving grace. Even if you throw your arms around in a tantrum and accidentally hit someone because you know the kid you just hit is gunna hit you back and harder.

I don’t even like his music to begin with. And all of this makes things worse.
I will admit it easy to pick on something which couldn’t fight back with rational thinking as all of Manson’s followers not only look like him but believe that they are tormented souls who have been done wrong by the world and just wanna get fucked up. When the reality is bands that have influenced Manson were like that genius part out of Wayne’s World. Where Alice Cooper who is dressed up on stage with a persona is a normal person off stage and people just take things too far.


If you really feel the need to read more on this pathetic display, see what allmusic has to say.

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Oak Ridge Boys


http://www.allmusic. … ;sql=10:fcfwxzt0ldae
Check this shit out. This shit just writes itself. Look at them. Does it have one of the guys from ZZ Top?
Sure they are one of the longest running country bands of all time and they have more albums in their collection, than I do pubes but when I saw the name of the band all I could think of is they look more like the Park Ridge Boys. LOL.

Those who live around where I do will appreciate that joke.

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Piracy Calculator

I know I sound like a one-song wonder, but I do not condone piracy.

However, if you ARE a collector of…well, all sorts and you wanted to find out how much your collection would be worth is you paid for it and not downloaded it for free, find it here:

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This thing sets up a VPN. One of the things it can do is essentially it emulates a LAN networked game.
Except you are playing it over the net. It takes the pain of having to set up an Internet game. Very cool.

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NAS // Nerding Shit Up 2: The Chronicling

Well, it took some time but I got it all out there.

Now here is MY plans on MY NAS:

Entry level video card (the cheapest available) as my motherboard does not have onboard video.
Sapphire HD2400PRO 512MB 64-BIT DDR2 | $42.00

The cheapest Asus motherboard that supports Intel CPU’s which has 6 SATA ports.
Asus P5QL-PRO ExpGATE S775 P43 DDR2 FSB1600 PCIE GBLAN ATX | $137.50

Cheapest Pentium CPU. It is not THE cheapest CPU. The Celeron’s are still trying to be flogged.
Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200/2.5Ghz/2MB CACHE/800FSB/LGA775 | $99.00

Generic RAM. Cheapest RAM available.
DDR2 2048MB(2G Single stick)PC6400 800Mhz | $33.00

Has 6 internal 3.5” (hard drive) bays. And it is pretty cheap in the scheme of things.
Antec Three Hundred Tower Gaming Case- Black (NO PSU) | $101.50

Entry level Antec power supply.
Antec ATX EarthWatts 430W | $90.00
Total = $503

Samsung are the cheapest and from what I have read, pretty reliable.
Or really only as reliable as hard drives can be these days.
Samsung 1TB SATA II Silencer Series 32M(HD103UI/Y) | $125.00 x 6 = $750

Total = $1253 for 5TBs in RAID5. Not bad.

I will be installing FreeNAS. It is free and it is designed for a NAS…hence FreeNAS.
I will be installing it onto a USB drive I have lying around. It doesn’t matter what size it is since the install only takes up 64MB…or 32MB (depending on which article you read). And even an 8 year old 128MB USB stick can store this OS (although by this stage I am questioning how long it would function). This then leaves my HDDs up to storing as much as they possibly can.

And then if I figure out how the iTunes server works, I might have that hooked up as well. Since I only have windows machine, I have no need to turn on ext3 sharing or AFS.

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