It has been far too long but I have been swept away with the mediocrity that is life. I bet some people are really living it. But not me. I wish I was. Does anyone else get sick of the daily grind?

I don’t do anything except work and people say, “You have to make time for exercise”. Fuck you.
Exercise takes time away from precious me time. Which I don’t get enough of as is.

On top of being at work from either 6:30AM (meaning I have to be on train at 5:40) to 3PM (give or take an hour to get home) by which stage, I am so fucked from a days work (’cause I work fuckin ridiculously hard and still have my job threatened frequently by ingrates). Or start as late as 9:30AM and finishing at 6 (give or take an hour to work and get home), I don’t get a whole lot of time to exercise. I COULD exercise at 6AM before I start work OR I could exercise after 4 but either way, I would be pushing shit uphill by the end of the day. All I\’d wanna do is sleep for every minute I am not busy exercising and working and that sucks worse than it does now. For the time I was at the gym, come Friday night and Saturday night, I would be too fucked to do anything past 10PM. And that is the only time in my week I get to do shit I wanna do.

People tell me to change my diet. Fuck you.
If I wanna be stuck eating lettuce leaves like a rabbit all my life, changing my diet would be high priority. Like the skinny bitches who feast on a slice of tomato, a slice of cucumber and lettuce and call that lunch. Or the fatties who do the same thing while they’re ready to shotgun to the face because they exercise and eat like salads like this should be the norm and really…all they want is a whopper or a triple-stack-triple-bypass burger from either Maccas or Hungry Jacks which they do as soon as work finishes and thinks the salad just offset the 2 days worth of fat you have just consumed in a single burger.
And everyone is a nutritionist telling me the best way I can improve my health. Fuck you all.
I don\’t need your opinions. The health market are making mint because people go from one extreme to another and unable to cope with either change. People feast on fast food because they can’t be fucked making dinner themselves. There is something seriously wrong in the world when I have to wait 30 minutes for the shit quality of food KFC makes so appealing. And what is worse is Maccas and Hungry Jacks are make fattier foods and try to offset a lawsuit by offering “healthy options” which no one buys. Simply a means to justify selling poorly made food which is easily accessible and high in fat and the general consumer takes no responsibility for their own health. Then they put on a whole tonne of weight because they can’t manage their lives and then go to eating salad and get sick of it because it tastes like a conversation you’ve had with the most uninteresting person you’ve ever met. But you eat your shitty salad with dressing because its relevance now is more important than what it was when you thought you were less fat chowing down fast food.
Eating fast food is like pop music - it is dished out to the mainstream in an easily accessible form that requires no brain power to enjoy it.

What makes this situation retarded is at both ends of the candle:
* The consumer should be smart enough to know the a Maccas burger has a days worth of fat (and then some, in some cases). Suing a company as large as Maccas is merely a money-making scheme to provide options no one goes for. Who wonders into a 24 hour Maccas at 11:30 drunk and goes, “Hmmm, I might have the salad. Or maybe the pieces of rancid apple which has been sitting there for the last 3 months ’cause no one else wants to eat it?” Who wonders into a Maccas store before 10:30 after a night on the piss and orders a juice box or…well, I can’t even think of a healthy breakfast option that Maccas provides. The only time you would consider a Maccas healthy option is if this is the fifth time in a week you’ve had Maccas and your liver is about to pack it in. And there is nothing else about. And you are not cooked a home meal. Or cook one yourself. But the point I am making is fuckin no one.
* Maccas offers a tiny burger with no REAL nutritional value. Their containers and paper bags are just loaded with propaganda. They taste good which means you get instant gratification but nothing long term or substantial. So they make a mint from you and rape the money from your wallet.

Talking about propaganda, does Gaterade/Powerade really as great as they claim?
From what I can tell nothin beats water. Gaterade has 7g of sugar with each glass. And sure it gives you energy. Take a handful of sugar and it will give you energy, too. Your body will spend more time trying to break down the sugars in the drink.


I guess what I am trying to say is I need someone to blow me.
And I don’t care for your opinion in my eating habits.