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Review: Coldplay - The Hardest Part (Single) (2006)

Dear Coldplay Fans,

You know what is fuckin rich? Coldplay. Both in the literal sense and the metaphoric. If you’re wondering what the fuck I am on about, they have the nerve not only to copy protect their music so people can make geniune backups of their CDs or even just copy the music to their iPods but throw ONE live b-side onto a single, charge you at least $5 (which would have taken them a whole 20 seconds to put together) and if you buy it as an “import” they add another $3-10 for 2 songs. One which is on an album and other song (regardless on how good or great it is). There is not even 10 minutes of music on this fuckin single. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy their music as much as the next person but you have to understand the moral outrage and the injustice that is going on.

Coldplay are perhaps the most over-rated band in the world. I get their email newsletter every so often which is trying to flog more shit which is not even merch worth purchasing. They did a remix album of, “X & Y” by people who weren’t in Coldplay. If I wanted to hear shit music, I’ll go into any retail CD store. They are usually promoting shit I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot clown pole.

So, let’s summarise - Coldplay are over-rated, their merch is over-priced and they add copy protection to their CDs like people care.

Fuck Coldplay.

So I found a way around the copy protection (which wasn’t exactly rocket fuckin Science) in defiance of the band, the label and Coldplay’s management who probably own houses along the beach in some really exotic places and have the nerve to sue people like me who have next to nothing and take what little I have to make themselves richer. It’s not about the music, anymore…

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Review: Death Cab For Cutie - Crooked Teeth (Single) (2006)

Death Cab at the turn of this century was releasing some great music. Absolutely no doubt - “Something about Aeroplanes” and “We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes” were great slices of emo. “The photo album” was pretty half arsed and since I have not really liked the band.

This song is unoriginal. The lyrics are cliched as fuck.

But, I FUCKIN LOVE THIS SONG. I eat this shit up like a fatty at an all-you-can-eat at Sizzlers.
B-sides are shit but I never expect anything from b-sides.

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Review: Supaflies - Rambarded (1995)

I could sit here and bitch to you about how the world has changed and that bands like this aren’t even given a chance or break. But, I’m not going to - I am going to take the high road.

Labels like FBR at one stage had excellent ska/punk bands. In fact, at a point it seemed that FBR could not go wrong - every ska/punk band they had at time (which is what the label consisted mostly of) was nothing short of excellent and outstanding in that genre. AsianMan Records too. Yeah ok, they weren’t well-known but I subscribe to the notion that just because it is not popular, does not make it shit. In fact, just because a band or artist is popular does not make it good. Case and point: Crazy frog. Do you remember that shit? You can find his CD of incredibly annoying “anthems” of a mindless and braindead society in a bargain bin for no more than $2 just about anywhere alongside East 17, Hanson and New Kids on the Block (who released a new album recently - as a joke, I assume).

It is really sad to see that there will never ever be another band like Led Zepplin or Rolling Stones because pop artists are a dime a dozen and completely dispensible. An artist comes in, has their 15 minutes of fame and then disappears never to be heard of again except to be mocked in the TV show Nevermind the Buzzcocks.

The thing about mainstream too is once the song is over and no one cares anymore, that is it. No one ever re-lives the song. No one goes back. Maybe as a joke but pop is about the here and now. There is the majority who are casual listeners and don’t really care what a song is as long as it sounds catchy or good (and even then that is whole other debate) and brainlessly buy mainstream artists and bands and never thinking anything of it. And then the labels have the nerve to tell you that piracy is a bad thing. The artists don’t suffer - they’re a mainstream artist who makes a shitload more than you do. Do you think an artist would be in the industry if they didn’t make much/any money from it? The only people who “suffer” are the label themselves who clearly make a shitload of money. They’re just greedy capitalist pigs. I know it is a cliche saying but none is ever more true than it applies here.

I am all about supporting local bands and indie bands and bands who really do rely on your support to keep them alive. If I owned a label, I would be supporting all the local bands and getting them on my label to demonstrate the kind of talent that is out there which is not being put on display by mainstream.

Oh, and this band rocks. I love them. See that? That is some technical critiquing right there. When Audiogalaxy was the main source of downloading mp3s (during its short life span), I was going to uni and I fuckin loved ska/punk (still do) and track 7 off this album was on a compilation which I bought for next to nothing at my local indie shop. And it was so awesome, I wanted more. Audiogalaxy could only find me 2-3 tracks with ya know, 1 user who was barely on so when it finially downloaded it was exciting times. I then got fed up with this shit and bought the album.

Oh wait. Did I say I would NOT whinge and bitch about the way of the music industry? I mean the opposite of that. Whatever that is.

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Review: Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench (Single) (1997)

There is this band called the Foo Fighters. Not many people have heard of them. They’re this small time rock band. There is this complete no name Dave Grohl who used to play in this band called Nirvana who had a string of minor hits in the early 90s.

This single was less of a single and more of a song you heard at the time on a rare basis but no one ever hears since. Total one hit wonders and even the term, “hit” is loosely used here since I have never heard of this band before. I think the drummer also doubles up at a pan flute player for Yanni when he is not doing Foo Fighters.

I didn’t know who the fuck this band was, either. I had to do some research on the net. What amazes me is for a small band, they’re still around so I am told. Oh well, one day this band will get their big break and will be known all around the band. I might go and see them too because I want to be one of those annoying pricks who says they were into a band before everyone else got into them.

The b-sides on this single are shit. That part is true.

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Review: 4ft Fingers - From Hero To Zero (2002)

I was talking with Al when I said to him, “Al, I have something I want to confess with you. Something so deep and dark that I have never told anyone else. And when I tell you this, I want you to not be judgemental and I still hope we can be friends at the end of this. I really didn’t want to tell you but I feel the need to tell someone. It’s not easy for me to tell anyone so I am just gunna come out with it. It’s a real problem and I swear, honest to God I am taking steps to help me through this problem.”

By this stage Al was like, “What the fuck is it, man? Just tell me. C’mon.”
And then I said, “Alright alright…I…I like one Arctic Monkeys song.”
He replied, “Is that it? That’s not a problem.”
And I was like, “Yes. Yes it is.”

True story.

I bet he was thinking, “Jesus, don’t tell me he is going to tell me he is gay. ‘Cause I just don’t think I can put up with that sort of shit right now.” But nope. Something far worse.

I told the same story to a friend. And then he said to me, “Woah. Wait a minute. Did you say Arctic Monkeys? You like them?”
To which I replied hastily, “ONLY ONE SONG!!”
And he was like, “I’m sorry Ben but we can’t be friends, anymore.”
And I was like, “But for fucks sake, you like the Cranberries!”
And he was like, “That is completely different. You have problems I think you need to work out. They seem deeply rooted, too.” The only deep root I had was with Sonja. And now we’re getting married.

So, what does all this have to do with 4Ft Fingers? Nothing. The only straws I can reach for are that 4Ft Fingers rock and so does that one Arctic Monkeys song.

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Review: Mogwai - The Hawk Is Howling (2008)

Hard to believe that it is been 2 years since their last album. When I picked up the local scene paper and found out they had a new album out, I was so excited I had pee’d a little. Good times. I thought, “Sweet Jesus, they are gunna play to support this album surely” and found they had played 2 days BEFORE I had found out. Motherfuckers. Ah well, I only blame myself for not having my finger on the pulse of the indie scene. Ya know, if I wrote for a paper or magazine they would have sent me there for free with free booze.

But, indie gigs are so different to punk gigs. In an indie gig, everyone is dying to get to the front of the stage and watch the band. And when you are dying to piss you have to put your bladder in line and just say. “Woah the fuck out for another 2 or so hours while a great band such as Mogwai have finished playing”. At a punk gig, there is the most pit at the front and you don’t have to fight to get to the front - you just get in to the mosh and wait for your own fate. If you’re drunk and you would like to piss, you go piss and come back to where you were. You don’t have to fight a tonne of indie kids to get the spot you were just at. And you know how little indie kids care about where you were standing? I remember going to a gig where I got a prime spot until I couldn’t hold it any longer. I was ready to piss myself and went. Came back and…BLAMMO! I tried to push my way back to where I was and the kids in front of me wouldn’t have any part of it. I tried to signal that I was standing right there and I wanted to get back there and they just turned their back to me and continued to watch the band.

Have you ever been a (International) Noise Conspiracy gig? Half of them are punks who used to like Refused, the other half are indie kids who like a few punk bands. There is me in the middle who like both. Where I come from, you can tell who likes punk and who like indie because there are the regulars who turn up to the punk gigs. With the indie crowd - you just never know.

I have seen Mogwai live twice and they are simply amazing. A few drinks and you can just mellow the fuck out to this shit. On the heavy songs, shit gets insane but with this song they have decided not to sing a fuckin single word. Which reminds me of their older stuff. This album is incredible and if you’ve read anything I’ve ever written about any band, for me to say something like that is not too often.

I remember the day this was bought which was only a few weeks but being a chronic drinker, my memory and I are not on the best of terms. A friend bought this album and it was a hot fuckin day. I wanted to crank the tunes and wind down the window but it was better in the long term to wind the windows up and put on the air con. I still had the music cranked as Pat and I were exposed to the new Mogwai album. The first song was excellent. The second song was the same as the first - also excellent. The rest of the album followed suit (although I didn’t like track 5 straight away).

I was impressed with, “Mr Beast” and bought the Jap import of it. I was also impressed with, “Happy Songs for Happy People” and bought the Jap import of it so when I conjur up a couple of dollars this will follow suit. Such a great album. So far, the best album of 2008 for me.

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Mp3 of the Week/Month/Year

I want feedback. I am thinking of having an mp3 of the week section.
Since I get a bit of webspace to upload, why not make it a regular thing?
Give you people a little education in music. What this means is you won’t find shit that I couldn’t give a flying Japanese wank glove for like the new Metallica or ANYTHING which you might find in the top 40s.

What do you all think?

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AMD Can Lick My Hairy Arsehole


Now that we have lengthy introductions out of the way, a month and half ago I bought an AMD CPU and motherboard. I have no one to else to blame except myself and those nut lickers, AMD. I blame myself for not doing enough research to find that Asus only support certain AMD CPUs with a particular wattage. This is the most retarded thing I have ever come across. So when I bought myself Asus M3N78-EMH HDMI with an AMD Dual Core 6000+ CPU.

I spent well over a month trying to troubleshoot why the performance was worse than a 486 (because it wouldn’t run original Doom in both XP’s native environment as well as a DOS emulator). And it wasn’t just that game. It was everything. Copying files from one hard drive to another is simply a nightmare because if I do that task, that is ALL I can do. I can’t even listen to an mp3 at the same time. This was because the CPU was requesting more power than the motherboard could give. I believe one of the people who experienced the same problem called it “Hard Drive Hiccups”.

Fuckin genius.

It’s outside of the month return policy and the company I bought it from act like every other company when they no longer have responsibility - they act like the hardware I wanna return came back with a mixture of both fecal matter and VD rubbed in every crevice of the hardware. Now I am stuck with a CPU and motherboard that doesn’t work together. The company I bought it from didn’t even pull me up on it when I first purchased.

If only I had gone to Intel.

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