Retro gaming is a love of mine - let’s no fuck around here. The very first console I owned was a Sega Master System and it was an amazing console. So I thought I should go back and buy one and all the games for it. This plan is on hold for awhile but found a Top 20 SMS games list which is pretty excellent. I wouldn’t 100% as they are missing some pretty excellent games but a pretty good list none-the-same.

Then I found this link about How the Sega Master System was the most underrated system. Cool story, bro.

I also found a really cool mod of the Sega Game Gear being converted into a TV-based console and made to look like a Sega Master System. It would be an even better mod if the Game Gear had enough games to warrant such a mod past a collectors item.

I also found this; I’m sold!