I hate current mainstream music. It takes the focus on real problems away from the public by keeping them entertained with your bullshit shitty music.
“But Oho! It’s catchy!” So is the plague. Get a fucking clue. Maybe I don’t like catchy. Ever thought of that? Maybe I want the most obscure and hardest thing to listen to? You don’t know me.

I also hate reality TV. Want reality? Go outside. You’re welcome. And then they fuse the two, it turns into this beautiful thing that sends me into a flying rage. They did the whole American/Australian Idol thing. They got their stars who made some money out of it and I am sure there are plenty of other people who took a cut from the proceedings and popularity.
Now the X Factor is back in vogue. Which for an Australian audience is confusing. It might be for Americans too (I dunno) but we had this program years ago and it died a quick and painless death because NO ONE WATCHED IT AND GAVE 0 FUCKS ABOUT IT. How did they revive it? Got in some celebs to do the judges and I use that word so very loosely. If this word was a vagina, you could park my GMC Vandura in there. And it was promoted the fuck out of it. I guess they poured a fuck tonne of money into it on the gamble that it would pay off and now it is popular again.

This video is great. This contestant fucking hits it as he shits on Demi Lovato.
“Who is Demi Lovato?” I hear you ask. I don’t know either. If I gave any more than 0 fucks, I would look her up on Wikipedia or something. She has to be a someone surely.