I’m a huge fan of Chuck Norris. In fact, I don’t know many people who aren’t.
Let’s be honest here, you don’t look a day over 40 and you’ve ALWAYS looked like that.

I also don’t follow American politics - ’cause fuck those guys. It’s a two party election plus, I get the general gist of what is happening over there from all the satirical shows I watch that take the piss on American government like the Onion and what have you. But this video from Chuck Norris is either the worst comedy video OR Chuck Norris has lost some credibility with me. It’s not that his political opinion differs from my own and it is something I am starting to see in most famous people is their arguments in politics somehow involves religion which does NOT have a place in politics. As soon as the words “evangelical Christians” was mentioned, I was like, “OK you lost me. You are a nut bag.”

If you want to be in politics, again this is fine (sorta - if that is your bag). It seems Americans really love their religion and this pops up a lot in just about every medium. BUT using religion as a reason to vote against someone is the biggest load of bullshit, ever. How about you discuss the topics of the governor you support is going to address? Talking shit about your opponent only seems to make it fucking crystal clear that I was on the right path to begin with. And 1000 years of darkness? How about your exaggerate more? The world is going to cave in on itself and wipe out the entire human population because YOU are going to vote for Obama, you self-righteous fucks.

Australian politics are far worse at the moment when we also ultimately have a two-party system. The worst part? Both members are the most untrustworthy and unlikable fucks. At least even if you don’t agree with Obama you can turn around and go, “He seems like the nicest guy with a real sense of humor about him and displays it in the right moments”. We have Julia Gillard (or as the Americans pronounce it - Goulard) who couldn’t be more unpopular even if she tried and her opponent? Tony Abbott who is also a Christian nut job who has some real fucked ideas on the world which anyone with even the slightest bit of critical thinking would turn around and go, “HOW THE FUCK DID THIS GUY GET ELECTED AS LEAD FOR LIBERALS?”
I’m not even a political person in the slightest but every time I raise my head and listen to the shit they squabble about, it’s usually problems that is either bigger than the government that can not be fixed or such small petty shit, it takes away from the big problems no one has a fully comprehensive answer to.

I had this discussion with a friend yesterday - I wonder if it is possible to sue to the Government for misrepresentation? I mean, the government is here to address all the problems, right? They are here to represent the people and we vote them in to come up with solutions, right? So when they decide they’re going to give themselves big pay rises because it’s been a few months since the last one and STILL no progress any on their promises they made almost 4 years ago and the only reason they get re-elected back in is because their opponent is fucking WORSE than the clown we have running the place now, can’t we sue them for not delivering on what they promise? We pay these taxes and while the results are services to our homes like electricity that works when you turn it on the first time and clean water are nice, I see far too often projects that were started by the government that either are aborted because they are no viable OR go through and still become failures, something needs to happen. Most people just think it’s not happening in their backyard so what does it matter? It will get to a point at some stage where the Government will over step the line and by that stage, it will be too late because of all the bills that have been passed all this time that deteriorate your rights down to shutting the fuck up and accepting the status quo like we’ve been doing all this time.

They’re already trying to pass Internet logging for 2 years. It will cost $750mil they believe. That’s a lot of infrastructure. Part of me agrees with keeping tabs on pedos and assisting the police with investigations but realistically what this could turn into is companies suing A LOT of everyday Australians because we are caught pirating anything and everything as we would typically do because everything in Australia is so fucking ridiculously expensive especially when you compare buying games, DVDs, CDs to anywhere overseas for a fraction of the cost. Is it any wonder that Internet purchases are on the increase? ‘Cause it’s cheaper. We DO want own this shit legitimately but you make it so fucking expensive for that to happen and all the major companies still live in the stone age by trying to sue everyone instead of embracing digital media and make this uphill battle I call a dream a reality.

All we need is a kickstarter project to fund something like that indefinitely because the amount of shit it would cause. If we can sue major banks for charging us overdrawing fees for not having the money in the first place, surely this could be put in place.

So this is the video that sparked all of that: