No one gives a fuck that this is only updated when I upload new review. At one stage, this site was going gang busters and entries were coming in hand over fist. I had friends who would read this contently waiting for the next post. Now I can’t get anyone excited about shit. Wah wah.

So I read this story about a Mum who makes irrational decisions based on heresy. Which would be fine except this doctor gave the facts and the woman didn’t care about the facts. She wanted to be given some consoling. Bitch, listen - he will tell you what you want to know and you can make an accurate decision based on these facts. I find it hard to believe anyone would be like this in the world. How do they get by without any idea on how the world works? I don’t have a firm grasp on it either BUT at least I listen and take on board the facts that are presented to me, you daft bitch.