Analysts Say Call Of Duty & The FPS Genre ‘Seem Tired’

Seem? You gotta be fucking kidding me. Every FPS (first person shooter) between Quake 1 and now have all just been clones for the most part with various improvements. There have been games along the way that have made some pretty major differences but for one genre-enhancing game, there’s 30 shitty clones. And there are more FPS’ which are pumped out as “triple a” titles than any other genre.

The thing is, any complaint I make about an FPS can be said for any kind of game that I like. The only difference is lack of understanding as to why FPS’ as so popular. You can’t even use the argument that old games were better because every game you used to love was the result of improvement in technology for the time. And whatever you were playing back then was only a product of its time, too. The difference is the fad these days is FPS’ and zombie games (HOLY FUCKING SHIT do I hate Zombie games) much like racing games, 1-on-1 fighting games and platformers were a fad of their time too. Ultimately it just comes down to opinion which is what pisses me off that you see so many defensive kids (and I better hope their kids because they act like spoilt 14 years old brats) on the forums and popular websites hailing the next FPS as this great unique game when they couldn’t identify unique even if it was pointed out to them in a line up. I would much less take a bullet to the fucking knee than play another FPS but unfortunately, kids these days only wanna shoot shit. Everything reckless about games I love are still present in todays games but there is such a daftness and dullness to them that even though they reward you for doing bad shit, it still feels pretty unrewarding. Whereas games like Carmageddon and Road Rash had an extra certain something the new wave of kids are going to miss out on.