I posted this on G+ earlier but since only 2 people would get to see this, I am just gunna re-post it here.

I am on G+. Why? I had this discussion with DMac today. I said I didn’t like Facebook. His argument was all like, “You only hate Facebook because it’s Facebook. If they re-branded it and gave it to you, you would eat it up.” I gave it some serious thought. He has a point in a way because I’ve never owned an account so I wouldn’t know what it is like, right? But at the same time, I must have seen what it was like at some point in time to form an opinion in the first place.

Plus, I do plenty of reading on the many privacy problems Facebook has. Not that I am this precious butterfly who believes this his privacy is worth a bit of shit or that I would really get up to anything any one else wouldn’t. BUT, having a company make money because of the information you feed it on who I am? There is something just not right about it that makes stay well away.
But at the end of the day, no matter which social website I subscribe to, they’re all out to offer some sort of service which they can offer dickloads of money off. I just appreciate that G+ along with all the other Google products are less evasive than the forceful nature of Facebook with its advertising.

Duane’s (DMac) other argument was no one is on G+. Apart from you guys and a handful of others, this is true. But at the same time, how many people on Facebook are REAL friends? The only reason I would have all these fictitious friends on ANY social website is if I was trying to push a product of maybe my retro reviews to more people. :D