First sharktopus, then Dinoshark, then Sand Sharks now THIS?
I wonder when they’re going to stop making movies ironically.

Come on guys, at least I try with my youtube videos. Plus, it is only me working on them. I suspect there is only one guy working on this movie, too:
[unsupported video]
SyFy channel? Wow, maybe I should make up some third rate bullshit like this, pay some guy on to make it for me and just move it around the screen without any sort of fluid animation to get the best outcome and make a nice little profit.

They thought they were in paradise. “I sat in their nest. I think I am pregnant with their seed.” New series coming to Syfy channel! OCTORAT! It’s the top part of an octopus and the bottom half a rat. Uh…we’re not sure how it works, either but it will be FUCKING TERRIFYING! Oooooooooooooo!