This guy is a prime example of what not to do in a vblog. I fucking hate the word blog to begin with but this rambles on like 3 points for 6.5 minutes.
Here is what you need to know:
1. Separate your tablet and PC experiences and not try to make them exactly the same.
2. Bring back some lame RSS app no one uses apart from this guy (use Google reader)
3. Cut down the amount of versions Windows has. This really goes without saying.
4. He hasn’t used it enough to really warrant further opinion. He states this like twice. Maybe even 3 times - I don’t really pay that much attention. Make shutting down easier. He doesn’t even think of this one himself. Being able to customize Start menu background.
5. How big is your fucking ego that this is a cut down version of an entire live recording? How about you do some notes and prepare a lot better instead of inane fucking rambling. Amount of time it’s taken you to read this: 1 minute. Length of video: 6.5 minutes.

There. I saved you some time. Thank me later.
And fuck this guy.