While I have made mention about One Direction already and that talking about them again seems like subconsciously I am somehow trying to promote their shitty music but they are all easy comedy cannon fodder. It doesn’t take two brain cells to figure out that these kids have no idea on what is going on and singing about a girl seems suspiciously like overcompensation for their own sexuality. By which I mean they’re gay. So very gay.

When I listen to music, it generally invokes an emotion and any good song will invoke an emotion or a memory (which is also linked to an emotion) which you find positive, generally. Even if that is anger or a negative emotion, it is one that is either relateable or situational to something that you feel is a good thing.
I only had to watch this once to get a solid laugh out of it. Mission accomplished. Would I watch this again? Who the fuck am I? A 12 year girl? Hardly. It almost seems like 12 year old girls are so emotional and hormone driven that it effects their taste in music to an embarrassing degree. I get they’re impressionable but there has to be a point where you become constructive and starting thinking critically about everything you do. Is this really the best music for me? I still listen to all the music I listened to growing up.