So I submitted a few videos to youtube for this whole Carters Retro Reviews thing and even now I am not 100% with my efforts to date. But I submitted it to reddit to get the word out there. Anyway, it only happened today but I must have kicked a midget during a full moon while soliciting sex to a unicorn while feeding an amputee a slice of cheese for youtube to automatically generate a feed of videos that I link on my site. So you can scribe there if you can be fucked but ultimately, those videos really mean two bits of dick all without my witty and unique take on each video. Which usually consists of get-your-head-out-of-your-arsehole and join the real world you self-deluded freaks. Me included. And you are all here for the ride and journey I take you all on.

So perhaps the 3.5 years of posting videos, pictures and just shittin into the wind about anything has been enough. Maybe I should have just posted this into reddit 3.5 years ago to get a bigger audience. Who knows. I will make a prediction that one of two things happens: 1. Nothing; everything will stay the same or 2. I will be popular as fuck almost to the point of being pointed out on the street or 3. Something in between. So I guess that is 3 things and all the options are out on the table now.