Addiction is fucked. But what gets me pissed off is people calling drug addition a disease. Alcoholic Hepatitis or Scarlet Fever are a disease. Not making the conscience decision to take drugs. I understand that there are personal underlying issues that make the decision for people but a disease? What a fucking cop out.

I was passing judgement to these clowns who would act out violently and harshly over having their World of Warcraft account closed down. And while that is incredibly sad in itself, I thought, “What am I addicted to?”. There isn’t a day that goes past where I am not looking at a computer screen or TV and every day I am not looking a computer screen, I am thinking when is the next time I’ll be able to play Xbox or computer.

I would make the comparison of men fapping but that is less addiction and more genetics. And less face it, you all do it. Or else porno would have been something we read about in history class. Although I also guess that depends on how many times a day you feel the need to do it. But I digress - I thought of searching people rage quitting World of Warcraft on youtube for an easy laugh.

What a bitch. As much as I dislike WoW, taking something away from your boyfriend that he clearly loves and posting it on youtube is such a bitch move I don’t even know where to begin telling you what is wrong. Imagine you had a cat. Then your boyfriend sold it on ebay. And you came home after working 9 hours at a soul crushing job to find no more cat. And the cat is never coming back. You’d be pissed too. If it were me, I’d find 2 things you like to do and burn them. In a fire. Then break up with you. And even then I’d still be that bitter about the whole experience I’d consider breaking your leg as well.

Talking about cunt acts, the guy who is filming this says, “It’s just a game…” which in a way is true. But let’s take something you’ve been working on for a long time. And then just delete it or burn it or dispose of it in barrels and a bag of lime. Let’s see how you react. Admittedly, it is a sad thing to get upset over but I can relate. Maybe not to WoW, but I remember spending hours playing a game once only to find the memory card became faulty. I don’t know at which part of the process that was whether taking a shower with it or dragging it along the bitumen out on the road caused it or what, I’m not sure. But it stopped working and all that time was lost. I cried, threw myself around like a 2 year old having a bad day and got over it.

This is what I expect ALL WoW players look like - hilariously ugly, nerdy looking and can’t even break a CD with both hands.

This guy is probably better off taking his grandfathers gun and just ending it. I like video games so I can’t throw rocks at your love for games but if your world is so small that closing your WoW account is a major part of your life, it probably wasn’t all that major in the first place. Couple that with the fact that your taste in music goes hand in hand with your taste in video games: it fucking sucks shit out of a laxitive-fed donkey’s gaping arsehole.

Very rarely do I ever watch a youtube video and go, “I want to see the person who is speaking more”. Also very rarely do I ever see a redhead and go, “Yeah, she is hot”. And for the trifecta, very rarely do I see a hot redhead who likes playing video games. But before I bury my dick in an apple pie based on some poor advice a movie I once saw along gave me along with some ointment, she knows she’s hot. And no one finds that attractive. And she likes Wow. Well, not entirely - she quit; eventually saw the light. Which is what most WoW players never see it. It’s not because they don’t quit the game, it’s because they rarely venture outside.
But she goes on to say in the video that she quit WoW because you can never win. You get as great as you can and then they release an expansion pack. I understand from a gaming perspective that it is annoying as fuck when that happens but can’t you just enjoy a game without expecting an ending? Can’t you just enjoy the ride without having to look forward to your destination? Some games I have played were actually fun enough that I would play them even if they had an ending as bad as Mass Effect 3. Don’t get me confused with actually liking Mass Effect 3. I’ve only read the story and seen the ending. If I had wasted all that time to get to the ending, I’d be livid too. Only because I don’t enjoy playing those games. Some RPG’s I play I do it just to see my character level up and become the best he can be. And if the ending sucks, I just chuck a temper tantrum and write on here that the game sucks. Very rarely do I do that…right guys?
She also goes on to say that she cancelled her account. But she also says that she plays til the end. Then post-game, just logs on less and less and eventually cancels. What is to stop her making a new account when the new expansion comes out? Not that I should really be giving a shit about this in the first place but then it makes your whole argument seem a little redundant.