1. As great as the game is, it’s totally overrated.
2. It creates dumb unfunny memes.
3. There are better games even though kids can’t stop talking about it. Good game? Yes. Great game? Yes. Greatest game ever? No. Fucking get over yourselves children and move on with your lives.
4. Technically, for a 6GB game to be as open as it is even with glitches it has, is amazing. I’ve installed several racing games and Rage which have been anywhere FROM 6GB to 21GB in a fresh install and still been linear.

☑ Saddam Hussein
☑ Osama Bin Laden
☑ Khaddafi
☑ Kim Jong Ill
☐ People Who Think Justin Bieber Is So Much a Threat They Want to Kill Him
☐ Arseholes who out bid me on ebay at the very last second
☐ People who think Skyrim Memes are Funny