Google is apparently going to mess up the Internet.

Google right from get go are like every other company. They want to make their company the biggest it can possibly be as human nature is driven by greed by dipping their feet into many bodies of water. OK, Google are going to do the best they can to promote their tools like include it as a high ranked webpage. They’re not going to mess up the Internet. So you have to do a little bit of searching. How fucking lazy do you wan to be? Does everyone conveniently forget about other metacrawlers before Google? How do you think Google managed to get where they are now? By giving you the best and most comprehensive search in the quickest time with a no-frills-yet-professional and customizable look. Throw in the ads and other services Google also offer (youtube, G+ etc) and WALLA! Billion dollar company. You think they are going to give you such poor results because all of a sudden they want to promote their own tools that much? And lose all that revenue?

You’re trying to make a point by spreading your sub-points too far apart and it just looks sad and desperate. It also comes across as pity because someone had stole your article and made it like their own. This happens all the time. Usually by me.

Here are the facts:
* G+ entries do not get any more of a priority over other pages from everything I have searched lately
* G+ as a service will not have the popularity of Facebook because facebook has all the tools people are accustomed to
* Facebook have been around for years and compared to G+ have come a lot further than G+
* A select few of my friends use G+ thus, I rarely use it myself
* You CAN link other G+ posts like this. It’s not hard.

The Internet is not fucked and you’re grabbing at straws. Well, for the time being. SOPA has been stopped which is fine. But what will happen though is SOPA will mutate into small, bite-sized legislation which will ultimately change over a long period of time and each individual item will change the course of the Internet until it is too late for anything to happen. It won’t be the first time something like this happens (DMCA act of 1998, PRO-IP Act of 2008, the 2011 Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) and it won’t be the last.