Fuck, where would I be without eBay? For starters, without my 15 year old console which has entered my life like a second wife in my marriage. The wife was not impressed when I suggested a three way.

But eBay, I need to get some things off my chest. And it’s not you directly but your users. I don’t like them. Apart from stupidity, why do people bid on something 5 days out on an Auction in ebay? Do they think that $5 bid they put on that $100 item is going to hold water? And then people try and outbid them 4 days out. Like $10 is going to make all the difference. All you’re doing is bumping up the end price.

Or is that a friend of the original seller who is doing the seller a favour by putting a bid that they wanted to put as a reserve on the item? Dodgy shit happens like this always.

Why wait 5 days for this auction to end? I am here now and I see the item already. So let’s not prolong this situation any longer than it has to be and take my $2 on that $30 game. You might milk a few more 25c bid increases maybe. But since I know the product I am here for a is a niche it still bids for far too much. Tell the users to calm the fuck down and stop trying to make the cheap little hobby I only started which I thought it was going to be, out to be an out of fucking control money pit.

They’re not all Buy It Now. The ones that are Buy It Now are fucking far too expensive, mostly. They paid a reasonable price for it originally or even perhaps ripped off someone in the process and now they need to turn a healthy profit. OK sure, I have picked up a few deals here and there. But even auctions that only have a day left feel like fucking forever.