It’s an old video. It’s how we all feel about the show in an old school game format.

I also found a related story about a guy who wanted to live like Bear Grylls but died in a month. In more detail, he

…headed to Glasgow from Derby and then went on to Corrour, UK’s highest mainline station. The first heavy snow fall of the season occurred during this time.

All it takes is for you to forget to carry the 1.

Or a video of Ted Bear:

And before you jerk it to the pictures, there is a dude who has been apart of a bra ad campaign.

Or a 36 Year Old virgin Fathers 14 children through insemination. What I don’t get is how there are 14 desperate enough chicks out there who want children but don’t want to fuck his ugly arse. If you want the children so badly, at least do his a service and let him fuck you. Or find someone else who will. Like me. Somehow I don’t think the Wife would approve.

Mum Buys “realistic” baby doll but the eyes on that thing make it look super fucking creepy and evil.

Vodka-Soaked Tampons are the latest and greatest drinking trend. Gone are the days of putting the booze in your mouth, swishing it around for a few seconds before swallowing. Call me old fashioned but I’d rather drink booze than soak a tampon and shove it up my arsehole to get drunk. Is consuming it orally not quick enough?