I’ve never felt as sexist as I do now.

Women like this running off their traps feeling the need to do a video response to other videos which aren’t worthy of your time which makes the video response even more unnecessary. I think the point is not that you’re a woman, but perhaps that you exploit your dirty pillows to make me watch your video. I also guess that like everyone else like me watched that video on mute while we watch your titties.

I guess the thumbs down is because there was less tit bouncing and more yabbering about shit no one cares about. If you’re going to use your tits to promote your videos, that is what we all expect to see more of. I hope you feel like your commentary on anything is valued by the person who is banging you. And even then they would nod and look blankly at you like a cow looks at an oncoming car while you spill words loosely like a drunk spills incoherent noise of his mouth like what he has to say is a secret. There is probably someone out there who thinks what you say is worth a pinch of shit. But unfortunately, that is not a youtube-worthy audience.
Don’t get me wrong - I’m not angry that you’re a woman. I just disagree with the time I’ve just wasted listening to your psycho-babble bullshit on shit that doesn’t matter while you wear a push up bra to exploit men to watch what you have to say.

‘My First Hardcore Song’ by 8yr old Juliet I love the mix of cute and hardcore

This was in the description. It tells us everything we need to know. There is now no need to listen to anything else you have to say. You even call your own videos pointless reviews. How about you review something worthy like a movie or a game or anything else than other youtube videos I have just wasted time on.

Take this personal. Or don’t. I don’t care on what you have to say since you have so much to say about everything else. If anything, take this as a steaming criticism to stop you from posting videos. You won’t as it is clear you have people around you who are stupidly supportive who will continue to love whatever you have to say.