I’m just gunna lay them down and you can sort through it all (keeping in mind some of these links date back in my inbox to 2006):
Custom Firmware for your Router - DD-WRT
How to Turn Server 2003 into a Workstation
News Story on Turning your Server 2003 into a Workstation
How to Turn Server 2008 into a Workstation
Top 10 Wi-Fi Tips
How to Make a Homemade DVR
How to add a Web Interface to your Homemade DVR
Mediaportal - Awesome Multi Mediacenter / Home Theater PC (HTPC) software
Copying Music You Own is Stealing And You Are a Criminal

The Consumerist on the RIAA
Comment on Facebook Information
The RIAA busted for illegal Dexter Downloads
How to Setup Dual Band Wifi
Hamachi - Creates a VPN over the Internet so it looks like you are connected to a machine over a LAN
http://www.maximumpc … pps for Every New PC
Free and Open Source Software
Increasing Computer Performance
A Top 300 List of Freeware Software
Freeware Software Articles
List of Linux Distros
My Boss Farts and then blames Me
Free Game: Bos Wars
A bunch of Free games using the Spring Graphics Engine
Free Game: Warzone 2100
Some Annoying Site on why the funniest part of Family Guy are the funniest in a painstakingly obvious manner and explaining obvious references to us in such a dumbed down manner I don’t understand why they bothered in the first place.
Top 5 Free Open Source Games
Free Game: Super Tux Kart
Free Game: Frozen Bubble
Why Apple are a Joke in the Business World
MS Releases Free Security Essentials
Keyboards are Evil
The Open Source Gamer
Games N All
Windows PE:A Tiny version of Windos for System Maintenance
Ninite: One of the Greatest Services / Apps Ever
Linux: FuseISO
Linux: AcetoneISO
Top 10 Worst Games of all Time
Worst Game Names
Worst Album Cover Art
iPirates - Apple iCloud ‘legitimises’ music pirates! WOO!