Kogan are an online store and there has been a lot of talk about their prices for iPads. My wife wants one because she feels it will do some magical task that no other device will do. And since it beats buying the puppy she wants, I’ll consider this as an option.

The whole site looks legit. However, some basic research simply indicates they get the cheapest prices by directly importing from Hong Kong and through some loophole are not paying GST on any of the products. I’ve bought from Hong Kong before. The first thing I’d check (apart from the overall feel of the device) is whether it’s an iPad or an iPaad / iPead / iPd. It would seem that the savings (depending on which model you got) is roughly $100. But then you add delivery and you might be saving yourself $60, maybe. And then I read this and even if it weren’t true, are you willing to take the gamble for a $60 saving? If you can afford to buy an iPad in the first place, you can afford to buy it through a retail store for that little bit extra in full knowledge that your warranty is honored. Even though their website says 12 Month Worldwide Apple Warranty, you just need to look a little deeper to find out that it is only honored at Kogan-approved apple resellers. It makes no mention of who they actually are.

Then I read this annoyingly long and tedious entry about Kogan. People are asking all sorts of questions in an effort to make a mountain out of a mole hill. There was even discussions about where the money is going after it is fucking spent and the GDP which I couldn’t give a flying monkey shit about or will they ship the Australian electrical plug if they’re coming from Hong Kong. For fucks sake, really? You couldn’t save yourself an extra $100 (theoretically) and then go down to the shop afterwards and pick up an adapter up for $10? Lazy cunts.

If they weren’t delivering on what they were promising, wouldn’t there be far more signs like say, if you typed “Is kogan legit” into Google and the first thing you read is a blog or website where 100s of people are saying they didn’t get their device after paying for it? Not to mention the site would have been shut down way before now if it was pulling this sort of scam. I am not going to bash Kogan. I think what they have done is clever. As a consumer, OF COURSE you would pay less for something if you could. Even if that meant the company has found some loophole to piss companies like Apple right off. If you want to use it, that is up to you. Me personally? Not worth the risk. This sort of stunt is usually pulled by fly-by-nighters - here today, gone tomorrow. This is actually the first time I’ve even heard about this site. I’d be more interested to come back to this site in a year’s time and see how they’re doing then if they’re still around.

The whole thing I love about this more than anything is how pissed off Apple have become over how they got the price down in Australia. Who is it ultimately hurting if we save $100 on our precious iPads? Well, not Apple. They have enough money to get America out of their national debt. Our own economy? Maybe. It is only one item. Saving between 15-16%. It wouldn’t be the end of us, so people need to stop pretending like it is.