Diwali is a festival of lights in India. ‘Cause fireworks are too expensive. And everyone can get involved. India’s electricity bill for this specific time is through the fucking roof. The most purchased product during this time? Dolphin torches and tea light candles. Oh, and curry.

So, anyway there was this picture placed on facebook. And people thought it was real. But turns out it’s not. HOLY SHIT! You mean, everything on the Internet might not be REAL? No way.
The only deal between this fake pic and the 1000s of other fake pics, is this wasn’t really funny. But, if you take a picture of yourself giving a thumbs up with a goofy smile and photoshop yourself next to popular figures in history (i.e. Dave Chappelle, Superman, Aquaman, Bob Dylan, Denzel Washington and his brother, George Washington the President), that shit is hilarious.
Or photos of photoshopped penis’ onto everything.
Or photos of people getting caught masturbating.
Or putting animals where people were in a photo. Gary Larson made a living out of it.
Or downloading a whole bunch of demotivational pictures and posting them as your own.

Oh, and THIS is the photo people believed was about Diwali:
See above: the USA.