This is Youtube doing an outstanding job of trying to predict what it is I really want to see under recommended videos. Youtube, you will never get me. You either recommend something I have already seen or some shit. I hate you for forcing me to have to do an entry about it. But, I can’t blame you, youtube. You’re only some engine someone who really tends to mainstream ideas, thoughts and videos everyone has seen has programmed under misguided notion that people are all the same. I’ve had my account with you for long enough for you to know that I really want to get rid of the recommended videos portion of my home page. Just show me the videos of people I am subscribed to. If I need anything else, I will have someone I know link me to it.
You even blatantly recommended me to a fucking video of, “Never Gunna Give You Up” by Rick Astley ultimately making you try to Rickroll me which was something that was funny for about 30 seconds when it happens (what feels like) 10 years ago. If you were a friend, at the very least I would have stopped being a friend. At the very most I would have shot you in the face, killing you in cold blood.

But, I digress.

This is a video about celebs without makeup like this is shocking. The sound is a mockery of a pop song. But the mockery is ironic in itself. It’s not funny (which it tries to be) and the music is shit. You don’t think they spend many hours in makeup while doing a movie for a reason? It’s almost like people forget celebs require a ridiculous amount of up keep to make themselves look constantly attractive. These people in the video all probably looked like they do with makeup on naturally when they were younger but looks never last forever.

Cameron Diaz was only ever hot in the Mask. And ever since then it has been failed attempts to recreate the hotness she had in that movie.
Julia Roberts was never hot. Nor Charlize Theron. Nor Drew Barrymore. Nor Penelope Cruz. Nor Calista Flockhart.
Not a fan of fake tits, so even though Pam even looked alright without makeup, her chest does nothing for me since I know they’re not funbags - they’re lies.
Never gave a shit about Madonna or Britney.
Goldie Hawn only looks terrible without make up because she’s 1000 years old.
Kate Hudson got her Mum’s shitty genetics and has a middle name of Garry which is why she needs makeup too.
Christina Applegate was hot back when she was Kelly and gullible.
The Olsen twins would only be hot if they put on a boatload of weight, grew some tits and only had sex with men in a 3 way.

And if you can handle more celeb shit, I came prepared:

I’m not going to lie - it’s fucking disturbing that people would get this done to themselves.
Carrot Top doesn’t even look that bad. He just needs his eyebrows put back where they should be and maybe not have his eyes so large that it looks like he is constantly on meth.
I don’t even know most of these freaks. Probably for the best.