Have you heard the new Metallica song?
If they didn’t succeed in alienating their fans with, “St Anger”, I think they’ve really done it here. I like Metallica and I like Lou Reed but never did I ever think that the two would go together. Why doesn’t any of the bands I love a lot more than Metallica do something interesting so I can talk about them doing an album that will ultimately be miles ahead of this collaboration. It’s like Paul Simon doing an album with Nofx. Will that ever happen? No. Who thought it would be a good idea? No one.

I am trying to think of perhaps a worse collaboration than this embarrassment. Thelonious Monk and the Smiths, the Roots and Tears for Fears, Sinead O’Connor and Slayer, Keith Jarrett and Venom or the Pet Shop Boys and Fred Neil…the list could go on with better suitors than Lou Reed and Metallica. The follow video is one of the few I have seen on the Internet where it has more dislikes than likes by a huge fucking landslide.

This is more of an embarrassment than, “St Anger” and fuck, that is a hard task to master. When allmusic gave the album 3 stars, I thought to myself, “Someone at allmusic is either getting soft or a big fat cheque from Metallica to give this shitty album a higher score than it deserves”. And if this song is anything to go by, maybe when I thought it couldn’t get worse, 3 stars tells me that yes, it does get worse. FAR worse. I still think 3 stars is a little high - about 2 stars too high. I just hope for Metallica that this is all just a big joke and this one track will be Metallica getting the last laugh.